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"I'm getting married" she managed to blurt out wearing a deep frown on her face...

I had danced around in joy for a moment before i noticed the sad face...
"But why the sad face, ore mi?" i asked...
Then she slowly said... "It is an arranged marriage
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I just stood and starred at her speechless and confused, not because i don't know what an "arranged marriage" is but because i thought it was a long forgone tradition...

Well for those who might not know; an arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by individuals other than the couple themselves, particularly family members, such as the parents (depending on culture, a professional matchmaker may be used).

Why on earth should anyone practice this in this 22nd century... I mean, these are people who have travelled out and have seen life from other angles.. So why on earth this... An arranged marriage..

Anyways, we tried to talk to her parents but they had their minds made up already..
Their daughter would have to marry the man of their choice... A fine Yoruba doctor based in the U.S who knows nothing about their daughter and vice versa.

This raised a lot of questions in my mind...
Would you allow yourself to be forced into an arranged marriage?
Or would you as a parent, force your child into a marriage without his/her consent..

Lets not forget that this marriage is a life long commitment... Not a contract you can come out of anytime you want to...

What do you think about this? And in this case, what should my friend do?
Should she go ahead and marry someone she barely knows to make her parents happy?
Or should she run away from home as this is the next best option...
So let me hear your views...

Keep steeming y'all...


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