Vision Vs Sight

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Optikos: Greek word for Optical which means single sight.

God saw it so important for your Vision that He gave you 2 eyes to Focus on one thing.
God gives Vision to a individual, but it is fulfilled by people.
Participating in someone else's Vision is a Provision to fulfilling your Vision.

I can see further than my eyes can look

Only by seeing what is not yet here can you bring something new, creative and exciting into existence. I truly when you have no vision, you will simply relive the past with its disappointments and failures. Never let what your eyes see determine what your heart believes.19726889_10207304607294014_414853759_o.jpg

Vision Sees Things as They Could Be

Most people have sight but no vision . Physical sight is the ability to see things as they are. Vision is the capacity to see things as they could be, and that takes faith. If you are operating by sight, you see the problems and challenges all around you. Life is so full of depressing things that you need to learn to live by vision and see with the eyes of faith.

Faith Sees Problems as Opportunities

There is a story of a man and his friend who visited India. They were walking down the streets of Bombay and saw thousands of poor people on the streets. Hundreds lay on cardboard boxes in the gutters and under bridges, they were all walking barefoot.

The man said to his friend, "Look at these people. Isn't it sad they're without shoes. The other man started taking notes and came up with a plan, he started working on how to manufacture shoes to ship to India. Instead of saying look at the bare feet, he was saying look at all these feet that need shoes. Today he has one of the biggest shoe companies in the USA. One man saw bare feet. Another man saw an opportunity for a much needed business. It's all how you see things.


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Yes. What you see inside your mind today is your reality tomorrow. :)


Yes Maam!
I greatly appreciate your comment and vote.
Blessings to you!!


Absolutely! @kingdomman. Blessings back!

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