The Cure to Self-Sabotage: Unprejudiced Objectivity

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Self-sabotage is still a thorn in my side. When it is time to take action to really release something from my life that exists only in my mind I use the tool of self-forgiveness to SEE the programming of the mind, and in that SEEING, REALIZING and UNDERSTANDING it, how I create and perpetuate it, and instead write myself a new script; a new code to program myself with instead.

The difference is that this new code is created in awareness, with a purpose and goal in mind. The goal? Self-expansion, self-betterment, self-movement, seeking one's utmost potential.

Here is how I have begun to look at the old code of self-sabotage existent within my mind today, and how I will change it from here on out:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to look for, and in that looking for, create bad/difficult/challenging/hard/fearful situations for myself in my mind, which creates this energy or feeling that I can't move forward because of this one thing or that thing that could and will ruin everything, leaving me feeling like, why even bother/try to go all the way in my life creation if it is just going to be destroyed in the end anyways = self-sabotage.

When and as I see I am going into this energetic experience of something existing in my life that will ruin everything I stop, and I breathe. I bring myself back to life creation by reminding myself that I am only stopping myself from moving forward. That even if there was something to ruin everything I have done, I would still want to have at least done it, instead of not done it and waited for the ruining part. I realize that Who I Am that I have built and created myself as is now Here, and cannot be taken away or ruined. I push myself to walk through this blockage, by taking a breath and taking a step in the direction of creation, step after step, as I build the best possible life and self I can be for me, which is a life that supports me to reach my utmost potential.

I commit myself to continue to push and build, expand and grow, despite the fear or belief of failure and ruination, thus proving to me that is is simply smoke and mirrors - emotion, energy, feeling, belief existent only in the mind.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear success, building, and forward motion, because I believe it makes me vulnerable within the thought, projection or belief that now I have something to lose, something to regret losing, something I will hate myself for if I ruin/lose it, something I would rather not have so that I can just continue to exist without the pressure of burden of success. = self-sabotage.

When and as I see I am fearing success (through projecting an image of success and connecting if to fear energy) I stop, and I breathe. I bring myself back to common-sense by seeing, realizing and understanding that even if something goes wrong, I will simply find practical solutions, and that there is no feelings or emotional energetic fear charges necessary, just the question: will I push to strive, or will I live to hide? Either way - I am simply here, living, breathing, making moves, taking steps. So what difference does it make on a feeling and emotional level? none - it is all just action, movement, decisions, and none of it has to be charged. Only common-sense and practical application is required in any situation/circumstance, so I chose to push to strive, simply because it is an option and it is the option I would prefer for myself, and everybody else for that matter.

I commit myself to use my mind as a, objective tool for planning and considering options/alternatives/paths, and not as a judge and jury that looks and then projects fear and defeat.

I commit myself to use my mind as an objectively unprejudiced tool.

in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions:
in a way that is not dependent on the mind for existence; actually:

not having or showing a dislike or distrust based on fixed or preconceived ideas

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I am accomplishing this, also, with spiritual toolkit's from Christie Marie Sheldon. The transformation of my experiences is miraculous and readily welcomed! Thank you for sharing 😊


Test all things and keep what works!!! Thanks for reading and walking a process of self-expansion in this world - one step towards creating a better humanity is creating a better self!