REAL Free-Range: Desteni's Chickens

in #life3 years ago (edited)

I have seen horror stories when it comes to factory farming - which is where most of our meat comes from. I find this practice unacceptable, as the images I have seen have stayed with me my whole life.

I am currently living on the Desteni farm in South Africa. Originally, I am from Canada, but I came here to live and work with a group of people that I met online almost 10 years ago. Through this group I have learned how to investigate and question every aspect of myself on many levels, the world, and my place within it. Thanks to the internet and our increased connectivity, solution-oriented groups are forming all over the world, within communities and even internationally, such as this one.

I have been loving life on the farm, even though I was born and raised in the city. I should rather say, I love living on THIS farm, because this farm is one that runs according to principle. Unfortunately, this is rare in this world. When we live as examples of the way things should be, honouring, respecting and caring for not only ourselves, but the animals, plants, and all of the physical environment within which we live, we show what can be possible for everyone.

In the video below, I show my daily responsibility of caring for the chickens. I get to do this in a way that makes sense to me. Watch the video and you will find out why!

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