Defining My Own Life

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Isn't it interesting how we go on living our lives in ways which we think are the only ways to do it because that's just the way we've been doing it, and seemingly the way it will always be?

Do we ever even take the time to question or define the way we are living, or to question whether that way is best or is serving us?

Do we really even know how to do this, or where to begin?

Maybe some do. I certainly think it is a worthwhile venture, and have been looking for support in how to go about actually doing this, finding support online from sites sharing information such as Desteni, SOUL and Self and Living for example. In fact, these are the only sites that give such practical application techniques that I have found work. They are the sites featuring the people that have led me to investigate these questions, and the ones that have supported me to empower myself to actually change for real.

So how do you define, or RE-define your life and living to one that is best for you? When I look at this question I am lead to ask myself then what is life and living? My answer is that it is moments, breaths. A long string of them that creates you and creates your experience here.

This means that it is in moments that we can makes changes that are real. It is not some big sweeping gesture or decision that creates real change. It is awareness in moments, awareness of moments.

How are we, or do we become aware in and of moments? By defining them in words - because words are so much more than mere sounds we utter. They are Who We Are, as in, when we speak them we conveying meaning based on all of us, our past experiences and memories, our current intentions and future desires, basically a snapshot of ourselves in past, present and future.

And we are creating ourselves with these words and we don't necessarily even know it, or are doing it in unawareness. In other words, we are defining ourselves without taking a moment to look at what is is we are creating. Some will speak down towards or about themselves, others may have have delusions of grandeur, while some are accurate but tend to go with the flow and never effectively take out their paddle to steer their self-creation in a really meaningful way.

In my next blog I will do an exercise, or an application of this technique, where I will, in one moment, chose to become the director of that moment and create it in a way that is best.

For now, I leave you with this video:

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I'm reminded of a popular saying: "In the beginning was the word...and the word is with and as God"