The Beginning of the Construction of a New Country

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Hello friends, welcome to my steemit blog once again, I apologize because I could not do post on Sunday and yesterday on Monday, because I was still helping in things of the historic weekend that we had in my country, in reference to it a more time I want to share with you the joy that most of my country have, since last Sunday, February 3 with the help of God and the effort of each citizen, the impossible became possible.

This post will not be very long since the fact of getting to where we are now as a country I think it was the uncertain and exciting part, just as a novel we live moments when when the candidate of the town was blocked we lost hope, we looked as citizens as help him how to pressure the state entities that invented one thousand things to delay his candidacy, but he was able more of the will of a people to the oligarchic power that wanted to impose his money to realize true social justice and an end to root corruption , then I will tell you from the militant point of view of a party like thousands by citizen will, appointed in a voting center to support a team of people in the surveillance of the democracy of a country.

2:00 a.m

Organizing my work team of the voting center, waiting for transportation, finalizing details, reviewing legal documents so that each member can exercise their function.

3:00 a.m

Arrival at the polling center, organizing my team for its functions.

4:00 a.m

Arrival of Prosecutor to the voting center as the highest authority of the place.

5:00 a.m

You enter the place of the polling place and you start to organize the polls and necessary equipment, the work teams are formed by the Voting Board.

5:40 a.m

In the largest voting center in the country is prevented from entering our work teams due to manipulation of the electoral code by left and right parties.


6:30 a.m

The vote of electoral body team of different parties, prosecutor, police and military assigned to give security to voting center is exercised.

7:00 a.m

The voting center opens to the citizens.

7:45 a.m

Negative impact for our party, the head of one of the largest voting centers in my city loses the credentials of all his work team and according to the law all our electoral body is removed from the voting center.

8:45 a.m

It is possible to reduce the problems in the largest voting center in my city and it is possible to enter at least the caretakers of the center.

12:45 m


The hope of the future of our country Nayib Bukele exercises its citizen's right and votes in Cifco (the largest voting center in the country.

5:00 p. m.

Everything is done normally during the course of the day and the polling stations come to a close. Upon closing the polling stations proceed to count the votes to finalize and send the information to the headquarters of the bases and the supreme electoral tribunal.

The whole country starts to be aware of the results, the polling stations are working on the count, the vigilantes of each party are waiting to see the legality of the votes, the prosecutor of each center observes that everything is done in a legal manner.

7:00 p. m.

Social networks and news began to give exit trends trends in which the candidate of hope was seen over the right party and the left in statistics, our bases begin to send information via whatsapp of the trend according to the information of our work teams.

7:55 p. m.

First official data of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal marking a positive tendency of triumph of the candidate of the town.

8:30 p. m.

The polling stations of my polling station finish their work and we proceed to mobilize towards the party headquarters in my city with my team.

9:00 p. m.

Our candidate makes a press conference through facebook live proclaiming himself president with 80% of proceedings processed with 53.4% ​​marking an irreversible trend on the other 3 parties, the hope of the people materialized, people began to take to the streets , my companions of headquarters start hugging each other, all full of happiness, vehicles with flags passed in front of the headquarters with the cry of ¡Si se !!!!! Our president-elect invites all the people who want to share the triumph with him to arrive at the Plaza Morazan in the historic center of San Salvador.


10:00 p. m.

I arrive at my house to rest a moment and after my work with the state I can put on my shirt that identifies me with the hopeful candidate of a country, calls from friends, whatsapp messages on my cell phone of many happy people with messages from hope, goodbye corruption, better opportunities, incentive to the economy and many more things. I get a call from a couple of friends telling me that in 30 minutes they pass me on my way to historic center.

10:50 p. m.

Arriving at the historic center my friends, we had to leave the car 8 blocks away from where the event would be, we could not go anywhere, smiles everywhere, feeling of brotherhood, union, freedom, all making jokes about camels and Arabs because of the origin of the great-grandparents of our president, the people demonstrating through original ways the farewell to partisanship of right and left, with a government focused on the needs of the people not of ideologies, whole families embraced crying seeing the blocks of citizens who had arrived to celebrate, a sea of ​​cyan people who as citizens had joined to take the presidency of our country to the only candidate that the people saw as not corrupt, the one who wanted to be blocked more than once, with the triumph over the bipartisanship that surrounded us, we won a dirty campaign, we won through the democracy to the oligarchic powers and to the leftists that enri they wanted with the money of the town. This midnight of Sunday, February 3, in my country begins the reconstruction, the hope of improving the conditions of our people, giving a message to the legislative assembly in which in 2021 we will remove the deputies linked to corruption and those who do not support the development of our country, the people woke up, took off the blindfold and now the ideologies do not move us, we move people who want to work with justice, without corruption seeking to help citizens, that our guide us and help us and Let this be the first step of a small historic country that improves their living conditions.

P.S. Photos without a fountain are taken by me at the celebration.

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I want to thank you for visiting my blog, I hope the post has been to your liking; if you are interested in magic and esoteric follow me, vote and share so that together we continue learning from this wonderful world and bring light to more people, in my next post we will continue talking about: Love Works in White Magic Part 2.


And I can assure you personally, that magic transforms lives. Blessings from on high ... Your guide and friend Gabriel Luz.

Find me on Facebook as El Tarot de Gabriel, Luz Espiritual.

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