The size of the nose tells your nature and future,

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Just as every part of the human body is important, the nose is also an integral part of the body. The nose not only enhances the beauty, but according to astrology, the nose also tells us much about our character, temperament, personality and behavior like our horoscope.


In India, there is a method of astrology through which we can find out about the nature and behavior of someone by reading the face of anyone. So today we are going to tell you how you can know about a person by looking at the nose structure. So let us know how to know the nature of someone by looking at the nose.

People with straight nose are considered extremely patient, they do not run into emotions in any situation, but they face it in their reasoning style.

The person who is named Parrot is a person who is achieving higher rank and is going to lead a happy life.

People with flat nose are quite honest and optimistic. They are not disappointed due to positive ideas, and learn from failure and keep moving forward in life.