Never Give Up

in #life4 years ago

About my life, the only thing I realized that led me to success was the three words: "Never Give Up"

I started school and worked part-time since I was 17, with my first job contributing to a few teen magazines. At first, for two months I was rejected by this newspaper; They claim that I have tried with online news instead. Needless to say, I was disappointed in myself. I decided to follow their advice, and started trying for an online news site, and several other papers. The moment my article appeared, and I received the first royalties, I was very happy. This is the first time I realize that I have the ability to do it. Until now I was a hard pencil.


I believe those dreams are mine, and this life is mine, and I only have this opportunity once in my life. To live up to my potential, to dream of endless possibilities, and to pursue my passion - whatever the outcome may be, they will no longer matter. Personally, I'm not better than anyone, but because I "never give up," it's the most effective dopamine dose I've ever tried.