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Today I have an appointment. Danang heavy rain and my car was broken so I took a taxi to get there. Taxi driver is a woman. She talked to me all the time. She said:

" I've been driving this cab for 5 or 6 years - got my license in '96 but had never driven until 2011 because my mother feared I'd work too hard. Being a cab driver means sticking to this cab for 24 hours from 6AM to 6AM the next day, taking a one-day break at home and then starting over again. It's all good until you drive at night though. About ten years ago, there used to be a bunch of cyclo or cab thefts where drivers were told to drive the thieves to some graveyard and then consequently killed, having their cabs stolen.

Then, I could only pray that God would protect me. But now that there's GPS on every car, the station will know immediately should something bad happens, so I feel much more secure.

Well, it's much harder for a woman who drives a cab than for a man who does, but I still love my job - I really miss it on days when I don't get to drive. Learn to drive a car, darling; it's real fun! "


Being a taxi driver by profession is a job that goes beyond just driving, I know because I drove a taxi for a long time and it is not as easy as it seems. It is rare to see a woman driving one of these but it is something that should not surprise us. My respect for all the women in the world who drive a taxi.

Thank you for the very meaningful comment. Women need to be loved and respected