A long time to come back - KC

in #life3 years ago

Thesis finished and waiting to defend it. Marked a turning point in my life. The future will look like, it would be better or dark due to my own decision.
2 months, I'm just learning and learning focus. I go to school every day, the teachers met my guide. My mother was in Da Nang to take care of me these days. Mom was always the best in my heart. I knew she was hard and loves me very much. It is hard to say to this love. " I love Mom so much!"


The process of thesis. I learned a lot of things. There are many difficulties, but I encouraged myself to overcome it. I can do it! I would very strongly defend thesis day. ..Because that is my future!


Are u going to leave or stay?

i will take her off list, when she come back she will let me know.