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Today is a fix shit that I can't fix kind of day. Car’s getting old, and my teeth has not been attended by a professional since 2016. The dentist said my wisdom tooth is gonna give me a problem sooner or later. Not looking forward to that!


And yeah, this time around marks my first absence from Steemfest even though it’s by far the closest the event has ever been to me lol. Too bad, so sad. Could really use some of that free flow at the moment..


Anyways, the mechanic is still botching up the car and I’m gonna be running late. I thought it was just gonna be a quick trip as usual. Fossil fuel vehicles are just so crappy with all the grimy moving parts.

When teleportation device?

To pass the time, I’ve been watching a few reviews of Death Stranding. Why are the reviews so polarised? I think the favourable ones tend to come from those who can take their own sweet time experiencing it.

Still gonna get it anyway since it’s Hideo Kojima’s work, which is usually cutting-edge. Here’s a technical review by Digital Foundry:-

Maybe I’ll write a bit about this after I get my hands on it in a few days. Unless the Steemfest livestreams turn out to be way more interesting :P


Fix shit that I can't fix kind of day

That's not so bad. In my experience, I tend to try and fix shit and make it 100x worse.

Once upon a time, changing the oil on my wife's car, I did not one but two FUs.

  1. Filter was too tight. Not budging. Figured I'd give it a tap with either a hammer or wrench. Bad idea. Did not realize until I was down the street that I cracked the oil filter housing like a big dummy.

  2. Somehow I drained the transmission fluid instead of the oil. Derp derp. That was fun.

Here I was trying to be thrifty be doing my own oil changes which had always been a pain in the ass btw. In that one instant, I cancelled all the money I had saved in the past oil changes I think. Cost about $400 to repair iirc.

I don't change my own oil anymore.

As for the wisdom teeth, good luck with that. If they are horizontal impacts, you may want to get on it sooner rather than later as I understand those can present worse problems. See image below.


you really align it up huh

Got both from my bottom jaw extracted when I was a kid. Not so fun seeing a spray of red coming out of my mouth lol.

I have some work that needs to be done on a wisdom tooth eventually too. Not looking forward to it.

not sure if i wanna wait until it starts aching..

Better to just get it over with.

get the mechanic to fix your tooth. cheap!

You really got me thinking brah jqwqe3o7l4.jpg

@Mammasitta and me are staying in Vienna this time and @lizanomadsoul is attending with @martibis and @detlev to represent us there. Last year in Krakow was awesome together! ;)

See you at Steem Fest 5 with gold teeth and a red Lambo

Wash your mouth out!

I would,but I fear losing my wisdom teeth 😬

Only fear losing wisdom, teeth are an added extra that can easily be replaced :)

porcelain teeth and e-scooter!

Environmentally shiny D

Can't believe you actually didn't attend Steemfest this year?! Hope everything goes well!

Also waiting on teleportation lol. Good luck with the car and the teeth!

Some mixed reviews for Death Stranding. Video Kojima did some great things with MGS so I would give it a chance. Wisdom teeth getting pulled sucks, but it's worth it compared to the ongoing problems they cause if they are impacted

Must be a serious thought!

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Good luck with the car and the teeth

Your posting is resteem

Hope better for next time.

Woha, that's a nice workshop there. Just how it's supposed to be to fix shit!

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