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Human life is a complex affair but it's pretty much the same for most if simplified to be universally relevant. Here's what we've doing in general as a human species:-

  • Identify a problem.
  • Propose hypothetical solution.
  • Develop the solution.
  • Iterate until problem is solved.
  • Move on.
    Note: problems may be illusions.

This is the eternal cycle, but is it really? Is life all about action and goal orientation? Must everything be contextualised as step-by-step progress? Get this done, get that done. Achievement unlocked. Mission accomplished. Is this the way of the world?

Hungry? Do something about it.
Horny? Do nothing about it.
High? Invent something like STEEM.

Well, that's the truth in our shared experience of reality. We'd all have to agree on some baseline truth, so timespace is the go-to yardstick for all of us. But outside of this humanly construct, here I am chillin' out in the open plains of Nagasaki for breakfast while my mind is playing Murakami's nerd fantasy. The sun is shining but I'm wearing wet-market shades. It's darklight midnight, and this is capital fantasyland where wonkynomics rule.

Come up with millions of problems, engineer out billions of solutions. Fit them wonkynomics into the flawless, logical workings of blockchains. You can. It's high definition consensus-forming technology. Think about it. Cryptocurrency tokens are made of electric dreams. But wait, wait - hold on a second. Wonkynomics are not necessarily sustainable. Keynesian or Austrian or whatever else? Why not everything? Put the wonky in nomics. And then the nomics in wonky. Parallel virtual realities, my friend!

But you'll never really know what's happening until you know what people are really looking at, and what they are really thinking about when using your platform! So just try everything. Blockchains are powered by the infinite energy of the sun anyway.. at the end of the day. So what are we talking about when we are talking about sustainability? Take no breaks! Be water. Be liquid.

But in the midst of all these hazy blockchain adventures, how do we stay sober and confident? Fundamentals, buddy. Fundamentals. Look out for the presence of:-

  • Community.
  • Flow.
  • Feedback.
  • Openness.

Be rest assured that you're almost certainly at the right place in the multiverse!

And then a giant wild alien spaceship arrives from deep space nine, effectively blocking out the sun along with its supermassive electrowhatever field, destroying all kinds of electronics existing within the Oort Cloud yottasphere. Game over, hombre. But really? Not really. Wonkynomics doesn't actually need money.

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"Hungry? Do something about it.
Horny? Do nothing about it.
High? Invent something like STEEM."

What's up with the 3 H's???

"Don't follow @kevinwong"

But why...I would of never googled "wonkynomics" if I did not follow you Kev...


It's a cool thing when you have to google 4 or 5 times when reading a post. Have you notice the results for wonkynomics?

Hungary? Just googled it.

You are right @heroic15397. There is even more in google.

The center Hungary of the conspiracy must be that close to my Austria of course , once the empire of the whole world. It all comes back in full circles. "Long live the "WankyMonarchy" will be next.

It's the Open Conspiracy toward The Road to Serfdom of King George Soros!

''Be water. Be liquid.'' FINA 2017 World Aquatics Championships in Budapest!

I was just typing on top of my Head lol.. damn you're ahead of the wonkynonics curve on this one!





So true! Wow! You got it right. Something smells fishy with the 3 H. IT will lead up to the dangerous pyramid sceme, tricking us into total destruction.

That was FUN!
I know exactly where I gonna be when that alien ship lands....also know the wonkey as much as the nomics, but not so sure how to stay sober meanwhile.

Do some sudoku.. thatll be quite a sobering thing to do. Wait, do ppl still play that?

More like into domino but can't find the right partner 🙀 Nobody knows how to connect those dots backwards ( I stole this quote from Jobs)

Put the wonky in nomics. And then the nomics in wonky. Parallel virtual realities, my friend!

Best of the best lines of the post. Do you realise that by writing along these lines for about another lets say 200 posts you have a book that is more spectacular than the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?

Haha ive only watched the movie before, well in fragments anyway while i was solitaire. So just attempt another 200 posts and publish a book??!

Go for it! Super funny writing. Where can I pre order the book?

EDIT: I meant, just continue writing the 200 posts, combine them and you have the book, your attempts are already great enough to not being attempt :) BTW, read the books, 4 books in a trilogy as Adams says, books are super, movie is much less.

Yay, I'm all for Hungry? Do something about it.
Seriously, I bit paranoid on the power supply wondering if there is one global power outage, what happens. I was watching a US TV series once. I think it's called Revolution which starts off with total power blackout. Pity I didn't even finish the 1st season.

Where there's a will; there's a way, I guess Willy Wonka would say.

Wonkynomics: the virtual Freakonomics?

Excellent work dear friend it is always good to learn something new, now that you mention it I realize the difference, thank you very much for this information