Where One Life Ends There Another Begin

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I couldn’t sleep very much yesterday night, I don’t know if it was the excessive heat, the dry humid environment, the lack of no night breeze or my thoughts that kept me awake. I had attended a retirement party yesterday, danced a lot at the party and had loads of fun and laughter with friends, I was so tired when I came back home such that all I could do was take my bath, post the daily @actifit activities and crash on my bed. I had thought that the tiredness I felt would make me sleep off.


What Kept Me Awake?

I kept reminiscing about the retirement party and what life after that meant. She had put in 35 years of service and according to the government employment rules she has to retire. But for me she wasn’t looking tired, she didn’t look that old, she still looked like someone that could still be in active service for the next 10 years, Ahhh! What do I know she probable has been waiting a long time for that day to come, to stop all the regular repeat routines that had plague her life for the last 35 years. I got thinking what I would be doing if I were her, is it too late to start a business, could she do well as an entrepreneur? Can she handle some of the shocks we’re used to in business that can sometimes frustrate you up to the extent of almost making you think about close down the business, but because you’ve formed a resistance over the years you still push on.


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The Life She Was Used To Has Ended And Another Has Begun

She must learn to forget about her old way of life now and adapt to the new one, the new one which she must forge herself in a manner that hers her make the right decisions using past experiences. She’ll learn to be humble now, the authority she had as a director is no longer there, you can’t be bossing everyone around again, you now have to learn how to approach people in authority and be happy even if they turn your request down because you can understand better why they took such decisions because you have been there before. She might need to learn new skills, learn how to do things she never did before and learning new things at old age can be a drag sometimes. I hope she won’t be grumpy, she doesn’t look like one of those because I always see her smiling and hope the smile continues.

What Really Kept Me Awake?

I honestly do not know, I am not the one getting retired, I still got a long long way for that to happen, so I don’t really know why that should be a bother to me to cause me a sleepless night. The weather is also not the problem because it has been this way for some time now and has even been worst sometimes but I still found it easy to sleep. I guess I’ll say when you see a good person you sometimes worry about their progress in life, what they don’t think about you do. It is like a parent sending their child to school for the first time, you worry if the child would be ok, if he or she will make friends, if they can adapt to a new environment. While all the kid wants to do is get away from you and hang out with friends. Lol. I guess when we care for people, we worry about them even more than they worry about themselves.

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Wonderful experience, we hope to get to that stage at some point in our life. That will be a good accomplishment.


Thank you for your support always.

Life can be like that sometimes but we have to believe everything will work out fine at the end.


Thanks for your comment and support.

Sir I think one thing's "old is gold" old person heve lot of experience with knowledge every old person spend lots of time on new generation for well done.


Very true, thanks for you comment.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Thats very true..We worry about our closed ones more than they worry about themselves at times of despair. Slowly we need to change our logic and thought process in a positive way when you are deeply worried. Just tell these lines to yourself... 1.Its all going good, 2.What has happened is for good and 3.What is going to happen is also for good! Hence we should try to celebrate the changes in life!!


Very correct, we should relax because all is well. Thanks for you comment.

You got a 100.00% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @ketcom!


Thank you for that.