5 Pragmatic Applications of Mindfulness in Daily Life

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Why should we aim for mindfulness in our daily routines?

The best answer I can think of is also the simplest, a mindful presence creates heightened awareness of what we do in each moment. That applies to everything in our daily lives: The relationships we have, the work we do, the environments that we find ourselves in, and our productivity levels.

Its no big secret that one of the best ways to comprehend a concept is to apply it to our day to day activities. It’s small changes, through practical means, that have the biggest impact. Below are some easy ways to start being more mindful right now:

  1. Practice right when you wake up

Practicing mindfulness when you first awaken each morning helps set the rhythm of your nervous system for the rest of your day. According to this Harvard Study, this simple practice increases the likelihood of other mindful moments. I personally use a practice from my Raja Yoga book, by Swami Vivekananda to envision the ocean, so I can meditate in the mornings.

Sometimes meditation or stretching can make me want to jump back into bed, but I resist. I am training my mind to say “breakfast time” after my mindfulness routine. I am working so hard to not check my phone or email, read the paper, turn on the TV, or anything else, until after I have breakfast. All it takes is around 15 minutes. If I can do it, so can you

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