12 Days Since My Last Steemit Share..

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Blessings Steemiverse,

What's good, it's been a while. Well I've had a nice break from blogging and I have to say what a wonderful feeling it is to come back, revived and rejuvenated. You always hear me say wholeness, because wholeness is balance. To be balanced is to be aware of duality as our experience here is one with contrast. Any moment we turn away from our ever expanding consciousness, we turn away from truth. In doing so we allow mental, energetic and even physical slavery. I see our universal law is to honor free will and our reality is the result of our collective choices.. conscious and unconscious. We see what we be and we be what we see.

What's with all this consciousness talk today?

Well social media is all about expressing oneself isn't it? Whenever I write, I feel this greater sense of immortalizing the word. Weird really since I'm a daily streamer and have been capturing myself on video for over 10 years right? However I'm just saying how it feels for me now. Writing encourages me to bring forth some value and perhaps I see it with more self judgement than I do when I push the record button. When I film things, I am simply being. What you see is what you get and I've even come to value that aspect of the live medium.

Writing in some ways feels more challenging to express my absolute honesty with clarity, perhaps it's a lack of self confidence in my vocab or ability to ensure my point is received as fully intended? On the flip side, when streaming live and filming my self as it is, I've noticed that I am not able to go fully deep on subjects that I am passionate about sharing. It's much easier for me in a conversational scenario, however simply talking into a camera doesn't always inspire me to open up fully and share the more complex insights I often think about.


While all these spiritual ponderings are exquisite and blissful to float around in, Kai is a master and compressing me back into this third dimensional reality to play some dad mode. This of course is my living bliss and I don't know if I could even come close to expressing in words how awesome that aspect of my experience is.

It's quite literally the most amazing feeling, loving and being loved with no limits and seeing a pure reflection of self and the awesome Jamie appearing in every laugh, cry and smile as this little man explores his brand new world. Life is precious and perplexing all at the same time, what a ride!

Stream Truth: 1 Month Away From YouTube..

Between bouts of real world fatherly reality, I digitally drop in on the gamer world! In other words, whenever Kai takes a nap or goes to bed, Dad decompresses in a ultra violent world of war games. A seemingly spiritual contradictory killing spree does open my eyes to what the future of our world has focused it's cross hairs on.

We have become a generation of skilled armchair mercenaries, ready to team up and take on the oppressive imperial government forces! As long as we have enough bandwidth and it doesn't actually involve going outside and interacting with real people. I've made lots of new"online" friends however!

It's been great fun and I'm not going to stop any time soon. I'm on a mission, a top secret, undefinable agenda 444.. to liberate humanity from the slave machine, one gamer at a time LOL!


That's all for today folks, thanks to STEEM for being the block chain that rewards bloggers, let's decentralize the internet! Also shout out to Twitch for welcoming live streamers with open arms and simple monetization! Both platforms value their creators and have been essential to us! If you enjoy our content please drop us a follow and even subscribe! 😍

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One love to all watchers and truthers out there! Collectively we must do our best to share truth as it appears and spread love across the grids. We are each the change we are waiting for. We are all conduits of awareness, consciousness and innerstanding to best serve our friends and loved ones.

Stay woke, create as you go and spread LOVE! Every follow, share and comment helps us connect deeper. We appreciate upvotes and resteems too, thanks for supporting our efforts to be here now, "playing the game" and sharing Steemit with the world!

Wholeness & Loving Vibrations! 💚💯


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Cool share- You hit on an interesting point about the writing process. I've noticed too it's a bit more of a slowing down process in articulating the expressions of myself in my words. For myself as i play work with writing more I find myself getting deeper in tune with my word and world relationships...which is a fascinating things as so much so our words are our world.

Steem On Brother


Right on brother, such is this moving meditation of honoring the word, our word, our original vibration of intention.. "which is a fascinating things as so much so our words are our world."

Perfect;ly shared brother, thank you for the reflection. 💚💯

Hey!!! Whatsup!!! Because of you I started Steemit and it's awesome!!


The Sun! Nice, I wrote you some comments. Steemit is awesome because of the people who use it, in joy and welcome 😎

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