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That's an interesting experience with living history you had. I wonder how many people were allowed to stay where they were when the US government nationalized all that land for national parks. I remember my dad telling me about how my great-grandfather had to leave his homestead to make way for the Olympic National Park. I'm sure he wasn't too happy with that, but it would all be clearcut now if it hadn't been protected.

Now that your story is on the blockchain, it's part of an uncensorable history that will be available to future generations as long as the blockchain survives. I've been thinking about this lately. Not only is it getting harder to censor news, but also to rewrite history.


I'm glad that you pointed that out about not being able to alter history once it's on a blockchain. If you read Homo Deus and agree with its conclusions about AIs, this is even more encouraging, because my guess is that an AI would trust things on a blockchain more than on a stand-alone Website.

And that's a really interesting tidbit about your great-grandfather. That's a story that maybe you should document :-).

I've had a similar thought before about AI. With a centralized website it's harder to verify when information was actually published, so an AI would either place more value on blockchain information or timestamp information with its own blockchain as it comes out. I haven't read Homo Deus but it sounds like I should.

Unfortunately, that's the only information I have about that particular event, and my father and grandfather have both passed away. The only person I know who might know more is one of my cousins who has done a lot of research on our family history. Interesting fact he found out, we are actually related to Solomon Northup, the free man who was captured and enslaved as chronicled in the movie 12 Years A Slave.

Anyway, I think blockchain + AI will have the potential to build a very interesting picture of human history that would be hard to accomplish with only human researchers.

Have you heard of Tau Chain? Very interesting next level AI Blockchain fusion project.

... so I just checked out Tau Chain, and now it looks like I've been sidetracked from writing and more today because Tau Chain appears so interesting that I've got to learn more ... thanks for the tip, I think :-)

Oops. Well, I hope it doesn't have you sidetracked for too long.

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