Went to the Canada - USA border at Niagara Falls

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I took a trip to Niagara Falls with my buddy Johnathan and we had a great time. We gambled at the casino a bit and made some money. Before we did that though, we decided to take a trip to the USA and end up in New York state. You can get their on foot by crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

This is the bridge you cross. You go through some turnstiles and have to go through US customs. They held me back for a bit at customs because of my recent travels in China but I was eventually allowed to go through. Ill show you that in a future blog.

The view from the bridge is one of the best views of Niagara Falls. It captures pretty much everything. As you can see, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is more developed than the American. 😁

This was one of the highlights of Jonathan's trip to Canada with me. We had a lot of fun.

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I love Niagara Falls, I've been many times since I have family that live not too far from there.

The American side is rather.. hmmm, I want to be polite, undeveloped these days. But back in the day it was just a village and people from all over would go camping by the falls. Those days are long gone.

Fun fact Tesla used the falls to create worlds first hydro electricity.

Enjoy your trip.

Good stuff man. Thanks for commenting.

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They held me back for a bit at customs because of my recent travels in China

Haha, I was thinking that would happen :) .I had issues because of a Cuban stamp in my passport years back.

That's stunning. I never made it up there (from the US side). I was going to take the train up from Penn station, NYC, but 9 hours was too long for me.

Its ok, you arent missing much. 😁

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Cool post. I’ve had similar experiences with US customs as a dual citizen. A once over becomes a double and triple check when your crossing back and forth. Always an annoyance. Great pics and enjoyed the quick read.

Thanks a lot. Lucky for you to be a dual citizen though. Thats pretty cool.

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