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RE: Teaching English Online is a Great Side Hustle

in #life4 years ago

Yes, with your timezone, youd have to teach at 3~4am. I have a friend that did that for a while. He did it as his full time job and did well. He liked that he could finish all his classes in the early morning, go back to sleep and when he woke up, the rest of the day was his to do what he wanted.


Hmmm 🤔 that doesn't sound tooooo bad. If things go south with the current situation I should give it a try...

Definitely. At least get hired an set up. After that, you can choose how many slots to open. The important part is signing up.

I think I've been reluctant to sign up because I've been under the assumption you have to start right away and keep up a certain minimum number of hours, but I guess that's not the case? I'm sure it differs by company too though.

There are no minimun hours as far as i know. You dont need to start right away.

Also, I had a bad experience in college trying to teach children and it went bad. Very, very bad 😆. Children can be so intimidating sometimes!

Lol chinese children are usually better behaved. Often times, their mom will be beside them to help out during the lesson.

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