I was about to post about Justin Sun but decided to show you this chili oil that's really good

in #life4 years ago (edited)


This stuff is really famous in China. Its a chili oil made with dried red chilies.

It's called 老乾媽 (lao gan ma) which directly translates to “old dry mother” but i think it actually means “the Godmother.”

Bought some the other day from the Chinese supermarket. You can put it on whatever you want and it makes it taste a lot better. Mix it with rice and it will be super tasty.

Btw, Steemit's stake is not “ninja-mined” anymore.


Also, @good-karma, why does this bug keep occurring whenever i want to type the first tag? I just typed “life” and it types that instead. I have to manually delete the extra letters.


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