I left China at the perfect time lol

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I left Mainland China in July 2019 and went to Taiwan. After being in Taiwan for 3 months, I left and returned to Canada November 7th.

Talk about good luck lol. Im grateful that I didn't have to deal with such an issue whilst being in China. It's important to count your blessings.

Im happy to be back in Canada and I am working everyday to reestablish my life in my home country and thrive.

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Good for you @kenanqhd. Just can't imagine living in China with Freedoms being restricted with things like the Internet and now the virus to contend with.

I had a great time there but you are right, the internet can be a huge pain.

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It is good you are back here. Do you find it easier to work on crypto stuff here?

Definitely. I couldnt even buy crypto on my own in China.

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Man that is rough. I remember in 2013 when I first found out about crypto and it seemed so hard to just find a way to buy it that seemed legit. I even called a jewelry store on Craigslist that said they accepted BTC and LTC and asked if I could buy LTC from him. He told me about Coinbase and that is when I signed up to get some Bitcoin.

Bro, you just ran across my mind and I came to check if all was good. Yo, that is indeed some perfect timing.

😆 yeah bro im good. Thanks for remembering me.

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You missed the corona. Lucky bastard!


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I'm glad you're safe !

Thanks man

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