Found a baby stroller in the parking lot

in #life2 years ago

I was about to go home and randomly saw this baby stroller in the middle of the parking lot lol. How does this even happen? Im glad that didn't forget the baby along with it. Did they put the baby in and forget about the stroller by accident? Does the baby stroller contain something poisonous on it or something?

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The baby probably forgot where he parked.


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this could be exhausted mother with a lot in hands trying to multitasking things then forgot some stuff behind. I can so relate..

I almost thought she forgot the baby as well. Thank God she didn't.

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Another single mom with 4 kids by 3 different dads wasn't paying attention and spaced out.

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😆😆 you mean 3 kids from 4 different dads?

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Yeah one kid is a chimera with two different dads!

Well a lot of homeless around here use these instead of the traditional shopping cart, so whenever I see an unattended stroller I just assume some homeless person nearby has parked it for whatever reason 🤷‍♂️

Ironic that he would park it in the parking lot of a high end luxury mall 😆

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🤣 Well you never know, I've seen homeless people in surprising places sometimes!

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