Learning to let go frees us.

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When situations become repetitive in your life, when a person hurts you or does not make you happy, when a relationship or a stage in your life is over, when you turn over and over again in your head to a past event , when you bear the responsibility of someone who does not want to assume it, it's time to let go.

Letting go means accepting what enters and leaves our life, without clinging, without offering resistance, without trying to tie it up so that it does not go away, without remaining in denial, thinking that in this way things will continue to be the way they were without suffering it. indefinitely, without feeling victims of changes and cycles, without wanting to change it or accommodate it to our needs and desires.

Acceptance is part of the process of flow, of learning to be happy, becoming an optimistic, cheerful and trusting person, who can accept and respect the will of other people and dare to face with serenity, courage and confidence the changing circumstances of life.


Gain strength with experience
Look as teachers to people who affect you negatively and forgive them for affecting you with their comments, behaviors and attitudes, to the point of drawing out the negative thoughts and emotions that are hidden within you. We can not change the behavior of others, but we can handle the way we are going to react to them, if we pay attention. Breathe deeply and loose.

Accept, accept, accept
Acceptance is a great liberator because if we are able to accept what happens calmly and without drama, we can do what is necessary to change it, handle it or overcome it. Accepting means going through the discomfort of not getting what we wanted by resisting the impulse to react negatively to avoid aggravating the consequences.

Take a deep breath and distract your mind
If you are stuck there, remembering, thinking about what you could do to avoid it, feeling guilty or a victim of what happened, ask yourself: until where and until when are you going to suffer? Distract the mind and take a truce, which allows you to reconnect with your strengths to return your attention to the matter and take action to overcome or solve it.

Open to the new
It is important to end the past in order to be open to new, different and positive experiences in the present. Without the necessary reflection and commitment to change some of our habits, beliefs and attitudes, we can not renew and improve our way of living life. Let's assume responsibility for our actions and choices.

Coping with changes with good attitude
The rigidity and inflexibility, makes us break and suffer more than they should when unexpected changes occur. To the extent that we develop the ability to adapt to the new, we mature, grow and become a better human being. Flow with the transformations that life has and renew yourself with each experience.

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