Why Everything Should Be Seen As "Fun."

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Even the worst things in life Should be seen as fun. Positive thinking is a really scary power that you can have. I know some people roll their eyes at this, But seriously. Imagine if you were untouchable in a way! That even bad things could happen to you, And you focus on the silver lining of every situation.

As a kid, I always laughed at my teachers who threatened to punish us, By making us run around the school building.

I LOVE RUNNING! That's a reward, not a punishment!

Other teachers threatened to make us write extra Essays or give us extra homework.

I was untouchable!
At jobs, They'd punish us by making us work extra hours! Extra hours = More money! HELL YES!

You Are Always are happy!

This can be taken too far, But when you are happy most of the time, It's easy to live a really happy life. The empowering feeling that you can't be taken down easily will help your self-confidence grow!

People will want to be around You

When you are happy, you give out this exciting and fun vibe that makes everything better! People who are also positive and optimistic will naturally gravitate towards you as a result. This will allow you to have more friends easily.

Many people don't like to hang around grumpy people as often!


This may not be true for everyone, But when you are happy and having fun most the time, It'es easier to stay motivated so you can be productive! Being productive is a big one if you want to be successful in the long run.

It's too easy to fall behind when you have a bad attitude.

I know It's a Catch 22

Sometimes when we are behind in life, It's easier to get more behind. Our negative thinking overshadows us, and it can be hard to get where we want to go. As a result. We gradually sink further and further, and we get closer to rock bottom. When we aren't wallowing in our self pity and try to see things in a better light, We are more likely to find those great opportunities that can fix the problems we have in our life.

So sometimes we have to force ourselves to find opportunities or see things in a new light. This will allow us to restore our life to a better place.
Being positive and happy most of the time will help you advance toward your goals.

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That was fun!! high quality post like usual - you are a great person to follow!

This post reminds me of something I just heard Sam Harris talk about. Basically, someone can interpret body pain as good or "positive" if they just did a strenuous hike or won their track & field race. But the same pain can be seen as "negative" if it's because of fibromyalgia. We determine the meanings we give things.

Great post, i agree that life always is fun. I was homeless and still i tough life was fun. Great post and beautiful written.


Thank you! I can't imagine the toughness of homelessness! I'm glad you were able to stay positive throughout that.


Always be positive! I followed you, thanks for this post!


Thank you for following me :)

@kaylinart as Always 💻 Fine Read
I try also to spread this Value. ..in Hopes that we all will awaken and send Forth this Loving Energy. ..Clean up the World..and take it Back..

🎶 📖

Keep Spreading The Message✍ and The Fine Art🎨 is Like Music while We Read You

Great post, and also very inspiring


Thanks so much ehheheh

really heart touching


Thank you


welcome dear

Upvote to me! and follow please! @maulanailham

I agree 100%. When we are happy we can focus on solving problems. God also helps us because we have higher vibrations.

Thanks for sharing!


So true :)

Life is what you make of it... Let's Steem on and have fun :)

It is so healthy to be happy and positive! Of course you can't be like that ALL the time, but aiming for 80/20 would be a good goal. 😄

Thank you for the positive vibes, everything you said is true :)


Thank you : )


You're welcome :)

Very good post :)

Totally agree! When I started getting into being really positive and making change for the better, everything seemed to get worse!

What I realized is because I thought I needed to make changes to better everything, I was looking at all my current situations and things as "not great" or a "problem". I was subconsciously creating negative beliefs about how things were and that I needed to get change, ect.

What you must do is think of everything as great or perfect and you are just enhancing things or doing things different. But always remember that everything is already perfect! =) Hope this made sense.
Then I

I think fun is a pretty good motivation. Even the hard stuff can be fun with the right attitude.

Always positive...simple, fun and important healthwise! Thank you for your contributionism & keep up the positivity, cheers, Damir


Yes! heheh :) I will

Like a baseball player visualizing the ball soaring over the fence and then stepping up to the plate and hitting a homer, being positive can create a positive reality.

Or sometimes is only necessary to take a leap of faith and smile to the world. My experience is that its always smiling back :)

Yes as much as possible!


Yes :)

Hey I blogged about my girls bike getting stolen this evening, currently struggling to find the 'fun' in that!

that was perfect
You are flattered

it s easy because we will feel better :D Good night :D


Heheh Thank you! Good night to you : )

Loved the Post, I stay positive.
My Future Is So Bright My Past Is Going To Have To Apologize!!!!!
Blessings to you!! (Resteemed)

/Great post. I agree with you life is always fun. If it doesn't seem fun make it fun. People ask why I am so happy I tell them I make it fun for me and it keeps me happy. Job loss. Lead to loss of my house and I stayed happy because life happens. Found a new job. Got a apartment staying in the mindset life happens make the most of it. Doing things that are fun or making things fun cost nothing.

love this very positiv post and I can totally agree to your thoughts :)
Wish you a happy day! ;)

It's a good approach to life.


So true :)

@kaylinart, I try to live a joyful live. I often fail at this pursuit, but it is my goal none the less.

Being joyful not only impacts my daily life, but it has the potential to impact others as well.

Thanks for another great post and a reminder to pursue joyful living!

I agree absolutely! People could be so much more happy if they chill out and let some positivity shine through! And that is definitely more fun! That's why my poems are mostly so light and fun. It's to share a smile. (And I totally love running and writing too! That's so not a punishment, lol)...

Good for you! If you look for positivity, you will find it!

This made me smile. We too often forget to look on the positive side... it's really about perspective. Thanks for reminding us :)

Develop a positive attitude,why not,good continuation

true words,,,,,,,, i guess it can't be overemphasised.....

In my opinion this is true in some way. The problem is that our society is always looking for happines forgetting that everything exist because there is its opposite. Happiness cannot exist without sadness so it's ok to be sad.

Positive is definitely a good thing... as long as it doesn't go overboard into blind idiocy! I've met a few people who were so "positive" they would interpreted getting stabbed by a mugger as "an opportunity to experience a trip to the ER to get a blood transfusion."

Nice perspective, that's why I always feel positive energy from you in all of your blogs! Rock the world @kaylinart!

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I am going to apply this on me for a while and see where it takes me. Thanks for the post!


Do it!
You're welcome I hope things get better for you.

you are full of wisdom! Thank you! upvoted as always

I totally agree with you. Positive thinking in bad situations is key. Negative thinking only leads to more negativity. This post definitely brushed up my mood.

Great post as always!!

I love this!! One of the things I try and do is to look at things like "I get to" instead of "I have to" Like "I get to do some work this morning" Instead of having to. It just helps keep things positive and fun :)

Could not agree more. We must all remember there is light, even in the darkest of times.

These buggers breaks everyone that challenge them with positivity27297.jpg


EEEeeeeekk!!! i just got really itchy feet! haha xD

Hey! How come I'm so happy?

A great reminder that perspective controls emotion.

I almost missed this one but here I am. Now I am done. See Ya!

sometimes it's hard to imagine how much fun life is. Just remember you thought out 2 secs before you think you thought of it but you knew this right!.

You might enjoy this !

Great post, thanks for this. I try to maintain a positive experience and sight :D

nice post! thanks

I to try to live my life with a positive attitude.
I find that if I surround myself with people who are optimistic my life is more enjoyable.
I recently read a book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff....and it's all small stuff" By: Richard Carlson PH.D. It was a good read and inspiring.

Great initiative @kaylinart