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Knowing why we want to do things, Is almost as important as actually doing something. We often tackle things head on without even thinking of our "why." What is it about our lives that are making us feel that we aren't adequate as far as productivity goes? Our peers? Or our overall sense of accomplishments?

Being productive isn't always about doing more, it's about working smarter so you can achieve essential things in less time. The complication with this, Is that you have to know what direction you want to go. Otherwise, you'll be confused and not do as much as you could.

What Are Your Goals

For the next...

  • One year
  • 5 Years
  • 10 Years
  • 20 Years
    While we have no way of knowing what could happen in our lives. Establishing a basic set of goals Can allow us to at least head in the desired direction.

What Tasks Will Get You Closer?

Now try to lay out more specific tasks you can do to get closer to your larger goals. Will starting a business get you closer? What about picking up new habits or hobbies? You need to start now on all your goals to ensure you'll get closer to them.

Create Routines

Accomplishing goals is all about consistency. You need routines and habits you do every single day without thinking about them to get your closer to your goal.
WIth me, I want to lose weight; I run every day. I also have been trying to get in the habit of going to the grocery store once a week to pick up fresh produce. Little habits like this will add up and make it more possible for me to get what I want out of life. If you aren't sure where to start, look online and do the research you can often find someone doing something similar to what you want to do, And mimic some of their habits.

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In one year I shall not need to get a normal job as I will make enough through crypto and steemit etc 😉 😂
Also still entertaining one of my favourite steemians 😁


Awww :))) Hehhe I hope sooo! I can't wait to see you not need a job anymore.

Totally agree with you that:
"Being productive isn't always about doing more, it's about working smarter so you can achieve essential things in less time."
But many of us often dont know about it, so they work harder and longer but the result is not always better...
So, this post is really worth trying tips to be more productive and successful in life...

Thank you and have a lovely day, dear friend @kaylinart...☕❤

Having a plan and short, intermediate and long term goals is good. Making a to do list is also resourceful. One should strike a balance between goals/work and pleasure/fun. Otherwise work and goals can be a drudge. Also consider pleasure as a reward for doing goals. Thanks @kaylinart

Some people just want to be able to relax. They want to know that everything is able to run on autopilot so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labour. Being more productive can make life easier for you, especially if you commit to the system that will work best in keeping you on top of things.

Here’s one recurring challenge you should prepare to keep dealing with: you are an alive person. (If not, stop reading and seek assistance.) In other words, you’re going to need food, rest, and an occasional change of scenery—and maybe also fresh socks. Failing to address these concerns can undermine your sanity, to say nothing of your productivity.

I am envying your progress. Go on girl.


Thank you :)

This is a very encouraging post about the purpose of life, I really agree with your post @kaylinart, you are amazing, I support you, success is always for you.

I have set my goals but I have a long time to do what I wish. Thank you for the motivational help


No problem. I hope it helps.

Thanks for the motivational post... And good luck with your weight ;-)
I maybe would like to add that we should set up goal and smaller goals to reach the big goal... Otherwise the " mountain " is too big " and can discourage you to reach your goal. That was my case for a long time...

what's a motivational post you sharing with us, its help us, a lot dear,thank you very much

Nice speech. I think we have to fix our profession related to our passion. If it is possible. We will more productive than other. Thank you.

Having a purpose in what we do is indeed one important thing we must do in our life. I couldn't agree more with what you've said. Good job @kaylinart!

i have a problem @kaylinart , When i try to think about my goal, the thinking of death come in front of me. Trying a lot, doing a hard labor to reach to a goal, but if death come before it all my hard working will get wasted, so i feel disappointed. But it did some good thing. When i remember death my willing to do good work increase and trying not to do any wrong work :)

One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to keep earning Funds to get to my goal of 2,000 SP. Well, last night it became a Reality as I bought another 947 shares of Steem to make it over 2K SP threshold

I know compared to many here that is no big deal when they have over 100K SP. But personally for me it feels good to reach that goal and gives me confidence to keep working very hard here on the Steemit Platform :)
Thank you @kaylinart for this insightful Post ;)
( Even wrote my recent blog post about this purchase)

Excellent friend @ kaylinart have an order is very important in the short medium and long term goals so you can perform an excellent job and work and meet all those goals I loved your post congratulations

Nice post not see you for a while, you been getting lost in the Steem platform. I am using busy now at appears a fresher design. Like this post we definitely need plans. As an OT I am a big promoter of goals so this resonates with me on many levels. I have a ten year plan which involves being as off grid as possible. A post is in the pipe line as we speak 💯🐒