Video Marketing Tips for YouTube!

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With YouTube becoming a big source of income for many people these days it’s becoming more and more competitive. It’s important that you advertise your videos, so you get the most views and money out of them!

Make Subscribing Easy

Sometimes people enjoy your content, but they don’t think to subscribe to your stuff.
When you add a link Or something in your video that tells them to subscribe, You’ll get more subscribers than if you were to hope they did it on their own.

Make consistent content

Some accounts look abandoned, and that doesn’t look right for your videos. Or if people don’t know when they are going to see another video from you, They may forget. So let your followers know what kind of posting schedule you have, SO they can remember to check out your new content.
IF you post every Tuesday, Your videos may become a habit for them to watch, And they’ll be more likely to come back again and again. Habits are powerful! Try to become part o ft heir life, so they think of you.

Optimize For YouTube

Optimizing for YouTube allows you to post easily, It also will look much better than nonoptimized videos. These videos look much more professional and will make you look more serious about you tuber.

Share Across All Social Media Accounts

Posting on social media can boost your views and get you more traffic, You should never rely completely on traffic from Google. This will allow you to take your success more into your own hands.

Consider Paid Ads

Your YouTube may be just a hobby right now, But consider using paid ads for your videos. If done correctly, this can generate much more traffic than if you weren’t using ads. Although you’ll need to be prepared to potentially lose some money, Paid ads seem to be a difficult skill to learn, and experiment on. It takes a lot of trials and effort to gain the momentum that you want.


It takes a while to gain traffic on YouTube, But over time with hard work and persistence you can build up your account! Don’t give up, Even when it seems that no one is watching your videos. Use detailed descriptions and focus on promoting and building your videos up. Enjoy and have fun, Don’t worry too much about making money at first, If you have more fun with it, Your followers will pick up on that and be more likely to follow you and subscribe to your videos.

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I will share this with a friend who is starting out thank you!! I will also take a few tips from this as well!! Thank you!!


Thank you heheh :)

I cant wait til you have more things on youtube! Like the drawings you timelaps or whatever.

From someone who had a very short lived YouTube life (my old videos are still posted here on my blog), the biggest tip I have is to not get in it for the money. You have to really enjoy what you are doing and be willing to put in the work for absolutely no pay for a long period of time in order to be successful. I didn't have the drive and willingness to put in the work so I cut my losses early.

Any tips to get by blatant YouTube censorship of politically charged topics?

My channel suffers from:

  1. View Count Suppression (YouTube actively suppresses the view count on my videos and I can prove it).
  2. Notifications not being sent to my subscribers almost ever.
  3. Youtube unsubscribes people from my channel, I have had about twenty plus people email me saying they were unsubscribed by YouTube not them.
  4. A huge amount of my videos are demonetized because they are "not advertiser friendly".

Any tips to get by these tactics?

These are some great suggestions, but yeah, I don't even have a YouTube account... Steemit is all I love :)


Awww I understand!!


So nice of you ;)

What! Girl we have so much in common. I didn't know that you also have a YouTube Channel. I'll have to check it out. My handle is KarenSueStudios and my channel is about acroyoga and crafting! :) Also great tips!


Aww Mine is just coloring book flip throughs right now! I need to make more videos. I'm a little scared getting my face on camera hehe :) I'll need to subscribe to your channel!


Don't be! People love seeing other people on the videos. I just followed you on there. It makes them more personal. I saw the cool sketches you have on yours. I need to record myself drawing one day too! :)


Awww You should! I just need to practice more :) I could always do my blogs in video form too hehe.


OOo yes you should! I bet all your fans will love it. Plus with video, you can record is 100 times if you want and no one has to know :P I'm pretty awkward on camera, but like everything in life, practice makes perfect!

Good advice!
Although instead of - or in addition to - paid ads I would personally recommend having something like Patreon or other means for the audience to donate if they wish to do so. Because from what I have heard the amount of ad money has gone downhill.

Good tips for sure! I really should get back into youtube more. Was really grinding on there around 2010 and had about 2k subs but I fell off due to personal stuff going on and just never tried getting back to it. Anyways, good post!


Thank you ! you should! I understand sometimes we get so overwhelmed with person al stuff.

Thanks, Awesome post. Like it mabye resteem it later.

Have i great steem evening, will follow up on your account

Thanks so much for this information, it will really help those that have video and those who visit YouTube. Your always on point. Keep it coming, upvoted.

great stuff! can I ask how do you optimize for Youtube? Is it just the title that you need to optimize with keywords, or description as well? Is there any recommended frequency as well?

an other tip, just be a girl ☺


LMAO So true haha.


and wear a two piece bikini

Great tips on video-marketing on youtube. Same tips can be successfully applied on steemit which has a good reward system too if not better than youtube.

ok great plan ill try to do that now i follow you.
o and ill resteem this to.

Oh, Perfect, Kaylin, sharing your secret about your 2700+ followers... But unfortunately, Steemit is my only social media. Or fortunately? Anyway. Another great post.
It's made of gold. (in the real way.)


Great Advice! Is there a particular time of day that works best for posting?

Let me give you the recipe for any kind of blog success:

Step 1: Be a girl

Step 2: Don't be ugly

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit ($$$)

Thanks for your advices. They're always useful. 😊

I think that this is the key to all social media content: "Don’t give up, Even when it seems that no one is watching your videos."

When you start something new you usually start at zero. We often was instantaneous results, but we are not always willing to give the time and effort needed to achieve those results.

Thanks for the great reminder!

I like your posts, do you have apprenticeship program? ;)

This is a big help :) I know a few people who are trying to set off their youtube channels <3 this will help greatly :)

Great advice. I am a beauty YouTuber (I make videos in a variety of languages) that is new here to Steemit. Consistency is #1 for sure. I would also add that interacting genuinely (not all this sub 4 sub/follow 4 follow nonsense) with other YouTubers in the same niche as well interacting with one's viewers has worked wonders for me (I guess the same practice applies to Steemit too).

I'm growing at a rate of 500-600 subs a month and it's awesome to consistently see the same people commenting in my videos week after week telling me they can't wait for my next one.

Great post, really loving your content here.

great tips!


Thank You :)

Great tips @kaylinart !
You blogs are always so informative and fun to read!

A lot of great tips. But it is really really difficult to break the industry nowadays.

I would think first step is to start by using a high resolution camera. May sound like an obvious first step, but a camera phone probably isn't good enough to try and use for marketing.


So true! But sometimes if its the difference between using a cheap camera and an not making videos at all. It's better to make videos with a cheap camera.


Ok, I can agree with that! Videos are the trend in marketing and get soooo many more views than just a picture. Unfortunately, they tend to slow down my old computer! LOL

It would appear that currently there isn't a way to post videos directly to Steemit which forces the use of outside platforms such as YouTube and or personal sites. Thank you for post. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, what is a video worth?

Very useful!thanks!

1 final addition -



YES! Steemit hehe :)

I am still curious about youtube. Because every want to reach payment amabang, always banne

You have awesome informative content, thank you!

This is informative. A must read

Calls to action are incredibly underrated. It's incredible how efficient a simple "if you enjoyed, consider subscribing can be". I think this is something that can be fairly succesful on Steemit as well.

Thanks for this :)

Great stuff, same can be said about steemit post haha.


Exactly Thank you!

Great post as usual, thank you for these tips!


Thank you heheh

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It is interesting to hear how much some people are making on youtube alone... this whole internet world all moves so fast... hard to try an keep up?

Great tips! thanks for sharing
I think consistency is key for success

Have a good week


YES Consistency is the way to go.

Good to know!

Just started a Youtube channel, mostly to be able to post videos on steemit. Thank you for this post, it was really helpful for me :)

cool tips :)

A good reminder post!
(Where did you get the last images: reputation, followers,SP, Posts..?)

Thanks for sharing

You are right
It's becomes difficult nowadays to make your content popular and reach to public ,but if your content is good and you have put all your potentials then nobody can stop to make u huge success and income on any online platform.

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