Tips For Reducing Stress!

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Stress is one of the most underestimated killers of our time.
You'd think with all these events, Products and other things that we have that stress would be a thing of the past. But It isn't.
Stress can cause so many issues we wouldn't even be aware of.
Here are some tips to help reduce the amount of stress you are dealing with.

Go Running

You don't' even have to run if you hate running. Go for a walk. Go swimming, Play a sport. Do whatever it is physically that you enjoy doing.
So many people these days spend all day sitting around, and they don't exercise. It's causing problems. Having that constant rush of endorphins will allow you to improve your mood and health.


We all like to talk. Have you tried listening? Listen to everything, The sounds of birds chirping, the coworkers around you.
Not only will this help improve your relationships overall, Because many people don't' have good listening skills these days. But it will also reduce stress because you'll focus on something else for a moment.


Coloring is a fun and creative way to reduce your stress. Don't be afraid to pick up an adult coloring book and start coloring! Sure it sounds a bit childish. But it's really fun. It also allows people to get creative, who maybe don't know how to draw.

Go Out In Nature

I love going for hikes, Or just walking around and enjoying nature. We take so much of it for granted. We live on such a beautiful planet that can be enjoyed. Take a few minutes of fresh air.


You don't have to Do anything crazy special when you're stressed. And addressing the issue will allow you to move on from what stressed you out, And allow you to make necessary corrections. Stress can be healthy in small doses, But too much can harm your health.


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What usually helps me is either going to the gym or sitting by a water sight . Usually makes my problems feel small


I like sitting by moving water and enjoy watching nature drift by. That relaxes me a lot.

Nice post. I also advice meditation and deep breathing. It comes your mind.


Those are also great ones :)

one suggestion you can add music also it help a lot in changing mood and shopping also people enjoy shopping.


Those are good ones :) That definitely helps people unwind!



Exercise is definitely a good antidote to stress. Good healthy food can help as well as you will control the sugar in your blood. Most importantly I think it's good to unplug once in a while. All the distractions and our naive attempt to try to multitask ultimately makes us stressed and we deplete our energy.

I love to color when I'm stressed so i'll be going to purchase an adult coloring book. Walks do really help especially in the morning before I went to work.


Those are also great destressors :)

Different things work for different people, but getting away from everyone works great for me.

I’m an only child. It really isn’t in my nature to be around a lot of people all at once because I was rarely around a lot of people all at once. The suggestion you put forth on going out into nature is an excellent idea. I definitely think that would work for most people!

Sometimes HAVING NO STRESS AT ALL actually stresses me....any suggestions @kaylinart

I love to color when I'm stressed so i'll be going to purchase an adult coloring book. Walks do really help especially in the morning before I went to work.

@kaylinart - Well said friend.

Stress can be healthy in small doses, But too much can harm your health.

This is so true. My stress buster is the visit to a wildlife reserve for photography. Takes my mind totally off all problems. An added bonus is that usually there is no cell phone coverage. Upvoted full!



Another tip is to just be productive. Stress and burnout are different but I get out of both slumps by getting something done.


I heard a tip to highlight things you do on your checklist instead of scratch thru it with a pen. You would be surprised at the difference.

Hi @kaylinart, Most of the people in the world are stressed out because they are living someone else's life. Life for most of us is not easy. This is true. Majority of the people in the world are alive just to earn the living so that they could feed their families. Loving one's family is beautiful. However, in this whole process, majority of the humans fails to follow their passions. To live a life doing something that doesn't require any incentive or money as reward.Simething that they can do everyday without getting bored. Something that is a gift of nature and can be used to serve the wold in that very specific walk of life.

I think those who live the life of their passions are happiest people.

Just my humble opinion. Guide me if I am wrong.

Excellent post.

Steem On!

Useful for all. nicely writing style.
Great tips as always. Super intelligent post, thank you for taking the time to create and share. love to read you post.but these kind of posts do make it easier, followed and upvoted.


Thank you

wonderful motivation tips as always... loving to to your writing... i support your post.
i followed you and upvoted your post...thanks


Thank you

@kaylinart It is tough around Christmas time to not have STRESS. What I do to help with this STRESS is to not have expectations on gift giving and trying to one up the next person on the gifts you share with them.

cierto, en realidad hay que hacer algo con el strees porque nos está matando, tambien una mente positiva es importante

Thank! These tips are really helpful!

Lovely Post ;)


Thank you

Exercise is always #1 for me. Inevitably, when I start to feel especially depressed, I realize I haven't gone for a run in a few days.

I think I get into the same problem as you do, though - running too much and then having an injury. It's taken me over a year to get back to 10K endurance after a pulled tendon. I think the secret is to do a little bit every day, rather than a whole bunch all at once.

Otherwise exercise turns into a drug like any other, and the possibility of overdose is too real!

And stay out of cryptocurrencies : )

Thanks for the tips. I've been working on breathing. I sometimes find I feel like I can't get a deep enough breath. It usually means I'm holding my body tense in such a way that I'm not exhaling all the way. Makes me feel less stressed if I can breathe. :) Go figure.

For me it's hugs from my children, kisses from my wife, a few minutes here and there with my old guitar, and walk down to the pond for a sunny afternoon of quiet fishin'......................

Well written Article.
But you could add Music , Meditation and..

To the list.

This post is healing me...Thanks a lot.

I read your all post.
your are great.
Good writing mam
Great work
Keep it up
Have a nice day mam


Please mam check my profile once

Thank you

Totally agree with you on the post.. besides stress is number 1 silent killer in the world.. yeap all the activity that you said above would be taking out the point of focus on the matter that is making you stress to doing something that interest you more, ultimately reducing the stress, well said... god bless.. perhaps picking up meditation would improve reducing stress level also, just an opinion.. :)

impressive post :)


Thank you

hahha If only I could run! Doing really hard acro moves help me relive stress!

When you get a chance, check out my bunny post, I think you will totally enjoy it!

Meditation is my absolute best recommendation for stress! Great post as always @kaylinart!

Tea, exercise, nature, sunshine, water.


Cha is life. < 3

I quit drinking with a combination of meditating and exercising in the morning and doing Tai Chi and stuff. Little things like that can have such a big impact on your overall health.

I've found that getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day is essential to regulating the lower chakric energies. You can sit and do Asana Yoga or whatever all day and you'll still have a frigged basal chakra if you're not exercising regularly. I've heard of this study that was conducted by Ken Wilber's lot that weightlifting is actually biometrically the most beneficial form of exercise, even more so than powerwalking or gymnastics.