Take A Break!

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We work crazy amounts of hours every day, and often don't even bother to take breaks. What if I told you that taking breaks can help boost our productivity?

Sometimes Our Bodies Need it

Lately, I've had to give more sleep, Sadly I've had a cold. And my fracture in my leg isn't fully healed yet. So I've been sleeping extra and taking lots of vitamins.
While this may sound like I'm wasting a lot of time, By taking care of myself now, I may be able to get over this stuff faster, And then I'll be able to work more hours easily.
Our bodies often fight back when we try to push forward because it needs that extra rest.

Your Body Will Take the break it needs eventually.

When you force yourself to work when you are sick, You sometimes get sicker.
I learned this the hard way.
My body was aching, and it felt "down to the bone" when I was running 6-10 miles a day, When I originally was only running 2 miles per day.
I decided to force myself to run anyways not allowing my body to rest.
Which eventually caused a fracture, Forcing me to stop running for a few weeks.
If your body desperately needs a break, It will get it. Whether you get really sick, or your sickness escalades. You will have to stop at some point. So take the break now, So it doesn't get more serious.

You Call The Shots

Many times we feel we can't take a break, Because of all the demands in our life. But when we really think about it, Sometimes it's not even our choices that are causing us to be so busy. Sometimes it's your boss wanting more hours from you, Or expectations from your family. Sometimes we just need to say no, And give ourselves a break.

We Can Get Back To Work Faster

Sometimes when I'm getting constantly distracted and it's later at night, I'll just go to bed, Because I know my brain will be fully recharged again when I wake up. and this will allow me to get more posts, More shirts and other workdone. Sometimes taking that extra nap makes us more productive. I just woke up from a 3 hour nap, and I'm speeding through work right now :)


Taking a break is a good thing to do, And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Breaks can help a lot, And make you more productive if the breaks are used wisely.

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I just began saying no and not feeling bad about it. I would run myself crazy after almost 12 hours of work and end up sick or too tired to enjoy my down time.


Exactly! I get like that too sometimes! Once you realize that you really don't need "permission" do take a break. It Makes life much easier.

Hopefully you feel better soon and your leg is full healed soon!
The break and extra sleep to recover is always necessary.
That explains why you are on Steemit a bunch lately hehe ;) :)

I was getting run down sickness like usual, when being flat out with my studies (now finished except for a few bits of documentation). So I have been relaxing and using some time to lay down and have breaks and recover.


Thank you :)
Yes I've also been trying to dedicate more time to Steemit, Especially with this whole Steem dollar price thing hehe.

Yay! I'm glad you are getting a break from your studies! These sicknesses going around really suck. Hehe.


Hehe it has definitely provided a big opportunity to set yourself up comfortably, that's for sure! :)
Ah literally I finish this last little bit and the whole course is done, then it is time to look for a job. :)


Sleep is a basis of the humanly ecosystem.
If you don't have enough sleep, this leads to many disfunctions at time.
Also in fitness there isn't the saying without reason:
eat, SLEEP, repeat.
While resting your body gets the regeneration it needs, your muscle grow and your creativity/concentration can be filled again.
I wish you a good and fast recovery @kaylinart! :)

Of course! Taking breaks from time to time avoids getting burnout! Resting is necessary to keep performance at its peak.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we must accept the fact we don’t have infinite energy, and act accordingly.


Exactly! The Infinite energy really gets me, I often forget that we aren't programmed like that.

Also, Kaylin, i wanted to say congratulations! I noticed your account is inching toward $100k value. This is pretty amazing, since it was the most tenacious of us who kept with Steemit. Wow, so glad you stayed here.

Self-care is also a part of productivity. You cannot be productive if you are worn down. I think our society gives too much praise and credibility to the idea of always being busy. It isn't normal. There must be balance. Our bodies need balance and more importantly, our minds need balance. Rest. I know that I must recharge and often...unplug. There is often too much stimulation. Once I do that, then I find that I am much more productive. It is okay to say no to that invite or to that project. Just have to listen to your body. It has limits. No one should feel guilty for doing so.

True, this one is very true the human body is just so that way and that's why many people die. Brilliant article


Exactly! There are so many work to death related incidents it's sad.


I had my aunt nearly died too she was keeping three jobs you know

I was going to write a post on this last night - but was too exhausted. The irony was that it was only after I stopped thinking about writing a post, other work, the bills, and life in general - could I actually understand and enjoy the point of the break :-P (it wasn't to think and strategize about posting or anything else haha)

Once we burnout, chances of accomplishing anything go to zero. We shouldn't let ourselves go below...maybe 60 percent, because it can be harder to get up again.

The other thing I've noticed, and maybe it's true with other freelancers and work from home types too - I often feel like I've worked - even if I haven't done anything tangible - if I allow myself to think about work non stop (or reply to every email, every call, etc). Though I've accomplished nothing measurable - I'm still fatigued.

Breaks must be total breaks.I find that when life gives us the most demands - that's when we need step away the most. Maybe it can't be for long - but they are definitely the most important times to make time to breathe and recharge.

Feel Better - and I hope you take your own advice ;-)

As a doctor I completely agree with you. We all need break from time to time to help our bodz recover from stressful life


Exactly :)

You are absolutely right. Your body will force you to rest if you don't listen to it. Usually the warning signs are there we just don't always listen. These breaks can be mental or physical too I might add. I really like the 99 problems bench press shirt!!

Good post

I have a cow farm. Caring for them
from home all day. Having done so
much work, life has become
obsolete. I need a little break now. @kaylinart

Sometimes I feel guilty when I take brakes, but we all need it! :)

Kaylin, are you going to enter our slothicorn art contest?

If things go okay, I plan on a long and final break somewhere after 80. If not, the break may come sooner. Either way, I don’t think I will ever get my voting slider.

Yeah need to take break..always you post beauriful post.thanks.


Thank you.

I love this! Our bodies are amazing, but we need to take care of them. We can’t just continue functioning forever without resting and recovering.


i love this too

It is crazy how determined you where to do that 6-10 miles. I am young so I never really had the same pain before and I run 6 mile from time to time. I give you props for running that much and at the same time I give you a internet cast for you leg...
Hope you get better...

I agree with your writing @kaylinart
Taking a break is a good thing to do, And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Breaks can help a lot, And make you more productive if the breaks are used wisely.all your writing is great

wishing you a fast recovery

very nice writing and fantastic photo

Another nice post.. thanks

Yeah you are damn right
I am agree with yOu
Sometime we have tO take some rest
Its a good activity for us
Thank you for your motivation and guidance

post a very nice and worth in praise, this for me, good luck always @kaylinart

Hi @kaylinart. I was reading various articles of yours and the content is crisp and amazing. I am a newbee. My purpose of being here is to create awareness among people who took a deroute and we are on a lost roadmap. Thats where I see huge potential for people like you and me. Please see this article which i think might be very interesting to you.

I totally agree. Sometimes I get so tired then if I work through it, it is not as productive. Then if I do take a nap when I wake I have a second wind.

You are so right! Sometimes our body and our mind need that :-)))

Once your body is not getting the required rest it deserves your productivity starts dropping without you knowing and then you start being prone to mistakes and incidents. So, the best thing is to give your body the requisite amount of rest. Well done @kaylinart🎅