Quick And Easy Ways To SAVE Money!

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Money, Our second most valuable resource next to time! Both resources are important to maintain if we want to have a happy life.
I don't care what anyone says; Money can help enhance your life.
If you are starving or stressed about paying rent every month. You can't possibly be happy at your maximum potentially.
Money is important.
While there are some people out there who take this too far, I know I am one of them at times, Having enough to survive is important too! Here are some quick ways to save Money, Many of them you may know. But I feel like we need reminding often.

Avoid the TV

Why? Not only does it run up your electricity bill, But it also has a lot of ads! They will impact you, Even on a subconscious level. And you'll wake up one morning thinking you were and something that you probably don't.
This happened to me all the time as I ran my drop shipping store. I had to "shop" all the time on Amazon and Ebay. I was just buying my customers products, so I didn't think much of it. But overtime I started to realize that I was spending more money because of those ads and seeing all these products that I thought I needed. Sometimes relying purely on willpower is not enough. You need to avoid the issue.

Prewrite shopping lists

It's too easy to add extra crap the cart we don't need. Write a list and stick with it. That way you'll never have to worry about overspending.

Sign up for customer rewards

Websites like Ebates Will pay you to shop online! You will get cash back on almost everything you buy. Including those regular purchases you make.
There are also a lot of store reward cards for grocery stores you can get, and credit card bonuses. Don't be afraid to read the fine print and take advantage of those benefits.

Drink more water

Water is incredible. It can make you feel full for longer! Sometimes our mind tricks us, When we are hungry or tired, it's just dehydration. Plus if you drink water instead of drinking sugary drinks you'll save more money.

Home Cooked Meals

This one a given! Cook your freaking food Lol

Freeze Batches of food

Some people may hate this idea, But I love it. You can cook a bit extra, then freeze the extras. Next time your thinking about going out to eat, You can grab one of those and put in the microwave. It will save you money in the long run. I feel like many of us are addicted to eating fast food because of the convenience it offers.

Keep curtains and blinds open

Let in the free light of the day. You'll save electricity too! Depending on the Windows locations you may be able to avoid using your lights all together during the day.

Cancel Memberships

We have so many recurring subscriptions today! They add up so fast and leave us month to month wondering what happened to our money! Cancel those. Cancel as many as you can. Or cancel all of them and only add them back as you need them again. This will save you money, Even if you end up resubscribing. Because if you go a couple of weeks or month without needing to use the service, Then that offsets your paying date by that amount of time, Which will save you a little money then if you were to leave it subscribed.

Eat, Then Shop

Go to the store on a full stomach. Or have a snack. Like someone in my last post commented. You are more likely to buy more And come home with lots of junk food if you go to the store hungry.


Decluttering is a great way to remind yourself of all the money you are wasting on random items that you don't need. This will help you think it through better when you consider buying more stuff.

Read For Entertainment

Not only is reading really good for you, But it's also one of the cheapest forms of entertainment, Kindle books are cheap. Libraries are free Unless you live in a country that charges a yearly fee. In that case, it will still be worth it, If you use it enough.
Reading is great for your brain and often doesn't have advertisements. Its fantastic!

Wear Layers

Wearing layers when your cold can save you money on heating costs! It's not hard to put on a jacket, Or use a blanket when your cold.

Use smaller plates

Studies suggest that when you eat from a smaller plate, you eat 20% less. At first, you may not see the savings but over time, You will. Many plates in America are HUGE! And we eat too much as a result. Using a smaller plate will allow you to pile on the food without feeling as much guilt.

Hang clothes to dry

Some countries do this already, But in America, We usually see a dryer as a necessary expense. Not only is it hard on your clothes, so you have to buy more, But it's bad for your electricity bill. Then buying the dryer is costly too. Just skip the dryer and hang up your clothes!

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Now that i think about it, why everything good is hard to do , but something that could ruin our life is so easy to do.Is the goverment fault !!lol or maybe us, we see our parterns buy and buy since we were born, that we see it as a normal thing to do . but in reality all we are doing is ruin the posibe awesome future ...


I agree! Although We shouldn't always blame the government LOL!!
I agree with the patterns! Our patterns and habits really dictate how we live our lives.

Nice piece! I recently read on harvard's website (hbr.org) that it is now proven that if you have money issues, it drains your actual IQ. This happens in a sense that a certain percentage of your brainpower is grinding over your money issues everyday, all day. So saving money saves your intelligence for the important stuff as well!


Wow! Drains your IQ Thats scary!! I believe it though. Whenever I struggle financially I feel incredibly stressed.


Me too! I allways think of this whenever i have the "does money make you happy" discussion with someone. Does it? It probably helps some. But does the absence of money related stress help? 100% sure!

I pay 29$ each month for my shopify store yet I haven't checked my store for some months. and I keep paying monthly.


You might want to think about canceling that! If you aren't invested LOL. Or maybe you can down grade to their lite plan at 9.00 a month?


And that is exactly what I will do. At least is better than paying 29$.

Your typing skills is fast and furious


LOL Thank you ! Hehehe


You forgot the most important money saving tip!!

Take some fiat and place it into cyrptocurrency and let it grow before your eyes!! :)


And that's another one

Some advice are very much useful. Will try to adopt the No Tv and pre shopping list advice. It's important to save money, and too much money also could trouble us. Just written an article on it.


There are so many blue collar good points in here. I use many of these myself to be honest.

Cook your freaking food


Have a nice day.

Lots of great tips. Slow cookers/crock pots are a really low effort way to cook some fantastic meals. We have 3 medium sized dogs that eat like large dogs and I can cook about 5 lbs of chicken leg quarters at a time. Let them cool, debone them and mix in veggies and we can feed the dogs healthy food for about $2.00 a day. I have a new smoker that can smoke 6 full racks of babyback ribs at a time. We ate one meal that night and still have another 4 full racks pre-cooked, vacuum sealed and frozen. They can be microwaved and sauced in about 15 minutes.

Thanks again @kaylinart, you've just given me some more ideas for posts.

I loved your opinion

Good article & resteemed. I am a huge fan of saving money.

Reducing the amount of money you spend can reduce the stress you feel to make more money as well. Then with less stress you'll have a clearer head and can find better ways to make money if you want ;-P

i like it. Best regards from emonandels

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Love me some money saving tips, thanks Kaylin. :D

Very informative. These are the simple things that people mostly overlook.

Good stuff @kaylinart!