Painting & Fixing The Side Of The Cabin!

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Sadly with the wooden cabin, We had to remove the wooden part.
It was rotted and full of animal Feces. It was way disgusting! The old insulation was also removed.

We Replaced it with boring Paneling

I gotta admit, I wanted to see the "cabin" part restored. But instead, it was replaced with smooth wood paneling.
Is it even considered a cabin anymore? Hahaha.

I painted the outside

I painted it a chocolate brown. We wanted it to blend in with everything else around the campsite. In case people who want to party come up in that area, They may trash our site.

We haven't replaced the windows yet

That's going to happen next year :)

Painting Was hard work

I also painted the other side too. Which had a lot of trees and debris we need to clean up. I had to stand in weird ways to paint things.

What do you guys think so far?


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very cozy @kaylinart. congrats


Thank you so much :)

You have done a truly amazing job. I love what you have done with the cabin. And yeas, to me it still looks like a cabin...

Hey, that's gonna be a really lovely little cabin!!! That's sweet :D

Even though you haven't been able to properly restore it how you wanted, you have done an amazing job with the restoration, it is looking very nice!


Thank you :)

dang! I can't believe the transformation! It looks AMAZING!


Thank you so much hehe! It's been a lot of hard work but worth it.

I love the new renovation , it came out great !!

Beautiful. I love it @kaylinart. You are a artist 😄


Thank you heheh XD

I can see why you'd be sad to take off the log parts lol, but I'm sure you will be very happy with your cozy cabin 2.0 :)
Looks like a lot of work to restore! I like the color that you ended up selecting for the paint. Best of luck with any more renovations you do :o)

wonderful painting and very good job

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very artistic!

@kaylinart, who is doing the painting work? or Are you a painter?

Really so beautiful
Please Follow me please

Such a cute post! by a cute author!


thank you for sharing...



Wow, considering I'm in real estate. That is pretty impressive!

Looks really nice and definetly like a fun job :)

Looks super duper homely!

Nice little cabin

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Indeed the job is well done!