💖💖It's Okay To Date Yourself!💖💖

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Valentine's Day is around the corner, And I feel like for this holiday it's a reminder to the many of us who are still single or recently single.
Sometimes it seems as though that great person out there, That you can have a solid connection with, Doesn't exist.

Spoil Yourself

We can't rely on anyone for our happiness, And this is true for all relationships not just dating.
If you can't keep yourself happy, Don't expect anyone else to do it for you.
Don't be afraid to take yourself out on dates, Buy yourself dinner. And go on activities you enjoy doing.

It Can Be Scary At First

Sometimes dating yourself, And going out alone can be a bit scary. It may seem like everyone is staring at you.
Or just plain awkward.
But it is fun once you get over that aspect.
I go on hikes alone all the time; I go for jogs, I go to parks and draw. I take myself to dinner.
It took a lot to get over it initially, But once I became less scared. It became quite empowering.
If you rely on someone else to have fun. Then you are going to be screwed.
If you can't go to dinner or activity yourself, Not only do you lose your relationship, But you lose a lot more.
How are you supposed to recover from past breakups when you lose so much everytime the relationship ends?

And yes, For some of you guys, You may have close friends you can do stuff with too! And that helps as well!

Love Being Alone

We always have our phones in front of our faces. Every moment of "unoccupied" Time seems to be absorbed by our phones.
This is one of the reason, so many of us freak out When we are alone and don't have access to our phones.
Not having our phone can cut us off from the world and people. And leave us feeling lonely.
I noticed this when I was hiking the other day; Despite me being clear up in the mountains to where I had no cell phone service, I found myself still checking my phone.
I Had to mentally focus on the beauty of what was around me to get my self to ignore the urge to constantly occupy my brain, With the selfies, Food photos and quotes from the social media apps I'm on.
It robs us of life, And it steals away from us being able to fully enjoy being present.

Don't let the lack of a relationship be the reason you don't enjoy your life! Get out there and date yourself.


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Hahaha... Could be a bad signs if you're talking to yourself...


Really bad sign..ha ha


Check me out and help me to grow


"If you rely on someone else to have fun. Then you are going to be screwed.
If you can't go to dinner or activity yourself, Not only do you lose your relationship, But you lose a lot more."

Those are immortal words in my heart. Trust me @kaylinart, i resonate with it.


OMG ! LOL maybe don't go that far lol


Hey I don't need to go that far this year and hopefully ever again hahaha XD


Lol imagine if you start cheating on yourself and invent a 3rd or even a 4th personality things could get very messy quickly.


Maybe this happens)))


this is me whenever im alone hahahaah.okay, im weird.


I talk to myself most times


Well I will be doing this for the first time in 28 years after breaking up with my Ex 2 weeks ago... :(

You are correct, you should cherish being alone on God given time, to be happy by yourself. If you are not happy now, you will not be happy with someone. YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY FIRST! :)

Where was this post when I was feeling lousy that I didn't have a date back in my early 20s?!! Seriously, I would have rather sat at home and did nothing than go out alone. I wish I had the encouragement to just date myself. Life would have been more fun that way, I'm sure!


Aww really? I wish you did too :) it solves lots of issues for sure.

giphy-downsized (2).gif

Try to go a whole day without a phone , then a weekend it sounds crazy but it will change your whole life . I now only use my laptop for social media(steemit and youtube) . Remember only 20 years ago people didn't really use cell phone. My kids don't even know what a house phone is .

If we don’t feel comfortable with ourselves and by ourselves we have serious issues. Because, how could we have a good relationship with someone else. If we don’t feel good about us? If we don’t accept ourselves how can we expect to be accepted by someone else.

Having a little comforting “me” time is always nice, and a good way to connect with ourselves. But in order to do this we must first be comfortable with our own individual company.


EXACTLY! We need to have good relationships with ourselves too.


Yes, in my opinion if you don't love yourself, then you cannot love anyone.

Stay Blessed.

We are more self-obsessed!

Haha, don't you think at first it looks like the excuse of all those poor people on earth who are single? By the way don't worry I am also single so I can relate to it lol.
Yes, it is good to be alone, it is good to love yourself and talk to yourself, do things which you like but at the end of day you need someone else who care for you, who you like and who you wait for at home.


This is my excuse ... alas ...


I agree! But at the same time you can't expect others to love you, if you don't love yourself.

"Don't let the lack of a relationship be the reason you don't enjoy your life!":

well said!👍


It's just that simple you just have to wait for the right person. And when you find the right person just hold on to them. People can't be perfect and neither can relationships be perfect. You gotta accept them as the way they are and love them for what they are.


Quite right. But it's so hard to accept people with all the shortcomings ...

the ultimate objective of every human for self actualization do its ok to date oneself to reach that path

hi @kaylinart, you look so beautiful today, I saw you like writing a poem for Valentine's Day, but you did well, look at your funny animation, really cute I'm very interested, I think you're a romantic person

Damn straight I'ma be dating myself :D

that's what it says with a life of @kaylinart, sometimes it does not happen the way we want it to be. All people in this world have the right to determine their own happiness. Likewise in having a life partner that we love. We do not expect others to make us happy, because the happiness is our own created. I can only hope in this valentine day, I can give pleasure to wahapun own. Thank you for sharing a very wise words. Have a nice day... :)

Good advice! I believe it’s healthy to enjoy being alone.. and not always be dependent on other people

very powerful insights.

Definitely, I would date my self..

I'm proud of where I've come to be a person and even if it's miles to go before I sleep, I'm looking forward to the path that has my name on it.

Learning, ever growing, ever exploring.

I understand your point...you mustnt be neccesarily dating before you can celebrate valentine..you can love yourself..go out and spoil yourself. ..nice post

You look very beautiful and love is very close to the day, that alone he is alone, but whose companion is lucky

love you @kaylinart
wher are you from??

Mostly its better to spend time on your own,but sometimes we need a shoulder to lean on when our hearts are troubled.

Your point is very meaningful, i agree all your thoughts about enjoying life without any person.


Thank you :) you totally can!

gret post dear. i like it very much. look so very beautiful photo.

Its cool you knew it wasnt going to be easy. Yeah dating oneself could be real awesome but i have seen it that it will be our phone that tends to be our closest partner which i am in that category because why i feel much of what i need is online especially when you are in a place where the fun is distant for you,yeah you right,taking time to feel nature no matter how little even if its taking a fresh air to clear the mind but to be realistic, we should do whatever we feel we can do to make been alone worth it. We are all different humans we different experience in life,as we should treat our life how we feel it best soothe us..thanks for sharing

Nice post! You definately should enjoy yourself everytime possible especially on Valentine’s Day. Regarding the phone thing, sometimes I wish the entire world would just turn off their phones for a whole day. Just like we were without any wireless phones just a few years ago.

very good motivation, I really like posting @kaylinart.

Being alone sometimes is good but it's always good to know you can get back to being with the people you love.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ happiness definitely starts within one’s self!

I really like your post, your post is very amazing I want to join with you thank you. visit my post once.

I love this. Both the reminder to put the darn phone away and the sentiment of enjoying spending time with yourself. I think if you get to know yourself well and enjoy your own company it makes you a better date for someone else anyway. And the major bonus I have discovered is that you are unlikely to compromise your own values and joys when someone comes along.

It's just that simple you just have to wait for the right person. And when you find the right person just hold on to them. People can't be perfect and neither can relationships be perfect. You gotta accept them as the way they are and love them for what they are.

I feel like I’m always dating myself LOL, I buy things when I’m sad, upset, depressed, or even happy . Always doing me 24/7 :D

one day just for yourself, what's better?

"Love Being Alone"
Yes! that's me.

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Good work.very nic post.

thanks for sharing a wonderful teach, its help them, all the lovers, @kaylinart

@kaylinart the valentine is nearing and u put up a love ly post 👍 if u love your yourself u will find everything good in others as well. Love make everything beautiful and tkes the best of u.
Loving ourself is too important and we need to take out time for ourself....

Well Valentine's day is not about being in relationship, you can spend your time with whom are close to you friends , family

what a logic lol.
date your self, kaylianart talent is hidden inside you.you are going to change the Valentine's Day of the people.

Recently i broke up...
i’m feeling like falling apart :(


hang in there - i know its hard to go through a breakup - especially this time of year. but just know you are surrounded by people you love and that love you! never lose sight of that!

Valentine's Day coming soon every person priper for this day


love the sketch! there is so much sweet tenderness bottled up in it!

A little bit of self love everyday can go a long way.

spoil yourself is right im eating tiramisu all day

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The best thing a single man to do is to stop putting women on a pedestal. Once you do that you will finally see, and clearly see, that the juice is not worth the squeeze. There are many women that are single, not because they haven't found the 'right guy', but because they are not the right girl. Throw in feminism, and #metoo, and you have a toxic environment for dating.

Good pic:)I was healed.

Yes doctor I am dating myself. No it is not a mental illness. hahaha!

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@kaylinart as an only child it was always easy for me to be alone. I am a social animal though and that is why I enjoy STEEMIT so much.

Some people really hate to be alone. They think that's shame to tell to others. I like your last sentence, LOVE BEING ALONE. Thanks for good word

Being alone sometimes helps us to understand many things in life ...

You can be more productive and can be more creative ...

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I really like your post is amazing. i want to follow your way.motifasi good enough and photography very beautiful

Speaking of Valentine's Day, Our date that we talked about over a year ago is still pending. :P

And, yeah, relying on your friends or other people to do things you want to do can end up making you not do it when they are not around.

Doing things alone can be fast and efficient too sometimes. Freedom of making quick decisions. Going to concerts, gym, interacting with new people, making new friends all done alone. And, it's fun.

You must first love yourself before you can love others. Great post, thanks for sharing!

I wondered what kind of human relations? Some open up new exotic horizons, others warm their souls all their lives, others cause a lot of questions or are dragged to unknown depths, taken away from the starting point or returned to the beginning of the beginning. And yet the most amazing, the most important, the most complex relationship is the relationship with yourself. And if you meet someone who loves you the way you love yourself, then this is a great happiness.

Yes, we are afraid to stop, look back, listen to our soul ... We all look in the phone, on the monitor ... as if there is real life there. The paradox of our time. I support, thank you! Come to me ... maybe something will be interesting ... oh!)

Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14.



i love big bang theory!

Hahhahha you are write at the start of teenage age we mostly scary while dating....
But teenage age feeling really awesome....true love feeling...

I always try to be humble, easy and try to communicate with people and also keep good relation.

Im I alone here who feel lonely 😫😓

You're absolutely right! You have to be happy yourself and then another person can make your life even better, but don't expect to be negative and find someone who's gonna change that! Some alone time is always important too, to just be by yourself without anyone having the chance to contact you, even if it's just for a few minutes :)

Nice photography really amazing nice looking thanks for sharing sir....resteemed

I like your picture! lovely smile:) And I like that part, "love being alone". Followed & voted:)

I agree with you even i have my own family i still look forward of having a me time with that you will get to know more about your self as woman.^^ and your beautiful Like me hehehe.^^

wow is there a beautiful person like yourself now single 😍

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Awesome post I invite you to visit our blog and enjoy our content :)

When it comes to Valentine's Day, many single persons feel alone imagining other persons who are in the relationships are much happier than them. There are so many people in the relationships who feel even more alone and isolated which is far worse than being by yourself. There is an old saying: "The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself."

I'm not afraid of Valentine's day. I'm only afraid of the people I like and others。。。

Definitely I agree . It's fun to be date yourself because being in a relationship means you'll be adjusting everything with your partner . Anyway , your post is very interesting . Followed and upvoted you @kaylinart. :)

We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection. @kaylinart thanks for the lovely share 😘

I'm sure it is a perfect share.


well honestly i have been doing this since 5 years ... dating my self ...

I learnt this lesson some time ago from a friend if mine. She was having serious issues with her boyfriend at the time and she told him

"I love you alot, but I love myself more. Bye"

She spent the next few months alone, enjoying herself being happy because she wanted to and not relying in someone else to make her happy.

Self love is the best love.

its so true! i like celebrating Gal-entines with my girlfriends because its a great way to realize that there is so much more to valentines day then just significant others. its nice to share love with whomever in any type of relationship - just to show people you love and care about them. even my friends that have boyfriends or girlfriends will celebrate Galentines with the group because its a fun way to come together as a group and show each other we care!

After you get home from your "date", you can get to third base

Empowering! The hardest thing to learn is being comfortable with your own company. When you realise you are enough others you come in contact with realise that too. You dont complete each other but more compliment each other.

I will also be vacationing at the same time, but in different places, you want to celebrate valentine in the rainforest...

The only person with you all the times is yourself.

socializing with friends and loved ones is important but its very important to make time for yourself

I am grateful for this article. It took me a while to get to the place where I truly love myself and enjoy spending time with just me. It is very important to date yourself and treat yourself how you would like to be treated in a relationship. Once you love yourself and treat yourself like a queen (king), you will be less likely to settle for someone that doesn't.

True, what more can we do when we do have responsibility to take care of ourselves. love others just as you love your self. thank you@kaylinart

Totally agree! The relationship with yourself is the most important one in your life. It should be a mandatory subject in school to find and get used to using the tools to accomplish that. Not just would it make people more happy with themselves but it would also result in a kinder world. Happy people treat others nicely..

I am very happy to belong to this steermit family, I will give you my vote, give me your vote.

Hahaha very funny post! I start with buying myself a big box of chocolate! "She" loved it...;)

Question of the day: Why do people think being with someone is the answer to everything?

nice post but dating involved two people. so you cant date yourself

please help me to follow

Sounds interesting, must try . I’m sure I’ll not get bored

which you say is very realistic with reality, we must keep the spirit in dealing with people around our environment. trying new things is a great idea to fill the time gap to keep our minds stable and not stressful. I like the topic of your content, thanks for sharing..👍👍

Wow...date yourself😆.
You can also hang with your family and loved ones

Please upvote me

and let start to find a partner before 14 feb:)