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As I get older and older, I'm realizing more and more that so many people have this fear. The fear of being wrong, The fear of admitting it.
What the hell!?
We grow up, Turn into adults... And then we become Chickens?
Whats the deal with that?
We are so afraid of what people will think about us if we are wrong about something. We spend our lives scared!

We Are All Wrong Sometimes

We are human; We are imperfect. Many of us make at least small mistakes each day. And if we are so afraid of trying new things because we are afraid to be "Wrong" What does that do for us? Nothing!
Most times, The witnesses of your mistakes are people you may never see again. (Like when I went zip lining, and the zip line couldn't handle myself and my boyfriend's weight, So we dragged across the ground) I was embarrassed, And they had to come manually push us across the rest of the zip line so they could pull us down.

Do I regret zip lining? Because I had to deal with the embarrassment of being heavier than the other people we were ziplining with?

NO! Because I never saw any of those people again. Besides everyone looks funny once in a while.
Life throws so many curveballs at us, There is no way to prepare for everything that is coming. We are all wrong sometimes, And will have to deal with that embarrassment.

You Gotta Try New Things!

I've noticed something.. Mnay of the people who go through life "Never" being wrong, Are also the same people who don't go out and do new things very often.
That sounds like a sad way to live. I'd much rather embarrass myself instead.
It's okay to screw up. It's okay to suck at something. When I tried bowling, I thought for sure i'd be naturally good at it. But I was wrong. I sucked LOl!
But I'm still glad i tried it! It was fun! It's so easy to be caught up in the same motions of life. To never expand your horizons. Then one day you look back with so much regret! Who cares if you look silly, Who cares if you suck at something. It happens!
Besides, most people won't laugh or remember it a couple of years down the road. Unless it was REALLY bad. But I feel like many of us don't end up going through something that horrific.
Stuff doesn't bring many people as much joy for long periods, So Is it worth it to potentially embarrass yourself? I think so!

It Makes you Interesting

Having experiences, and fun stories to tell, Makes you interesting on the inside. Being wrong gives you funny stories to share! Funny videos and such, While at first, it's embarrassing. It wears away after a while, And it becomes a funny story to tell.

People Respect you more

Have you ever met someone that no matter what evidence you show them, They will NEVER Admit or apologize that they messed up? I have! And it doesn't help you respect them.
But then there are people who own up to their mistakes, And are willing to show you that "hey I'm not perfect." ANd I respect those people so much more! I've had supervisors like that, And as a result, I want to work harder for them and be a better employee. Because they deserve it and they are good people.

DOn't worry about it!

When you make a mistake, Apologize, admit it. But overall don't beat yourself up too much, EVERYONE messes up sometimes. And if you have someone who is constantly badgering you on something you messed up, Maybe you should reconsider your relationship with that person. Because you don't need that negativity in your life.

Life is short, and you'll make mistakes! But don't let that stop you from having the life that you dream of! GO for it!

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sophisticated! I like it.

HEY GREAT POST !! We're all getting Older... Hopefully Wiser ...


Exactly! I hope we are lol

Its not OK to be wrong.

If I am wrong
Mother will get upset
And stop loving me
And then I will die.

So, for many, the fear of being wrong is tied up with dying. Not that the don't have any adventurous spirit, where all they need is some encouragement.
Realize that this is where this fear of failure stems from, and know that it takes time to heal pathways that you laid down when you were somewhere between 2 and 5.

Inner child work usually helps to remove this fear.

Someone truly said there are no mistakes only learning...Thanks for morivating the community continuously with your amazing write ups! @kaylinart!


Exactly! Thank you

Yep, it is irritating to me when someone knows they are wrong and can't admit it. Of course I try not to be around people like that because it would drive me crazy. Admittedly it is difficult wrestling with the ego but still easier than putting up a front.


Exactly! Once you practice admitting that you messed up, It gets easier.

Aw I enjoyed this one ! :] ... & love the little "wrong" color house amidst its surroundings !!!.. looks like it was put there to stand out!!!
U are right !- we only have one life so we need to live it !& to not be so uptight!( good on u for zip lining!!!)...
Similarly but differently :]- I can think of an instance in my own life where I put shame to one side, it is dancing for the elderly in my nursing home ( when i cant dance!) But it makes them happy!!!...
Also I love ur point about apologizing when wrong... i sometimes struggle with this while my fiancé has no problem doing so!!

Got me thinking ! Thank you :]

Not long ago I wanted to take a 20 minutes flight in a Cessna puddle jumper to look at the islands. Now you have convinced me to just do it! Thanks for the post !🐓🐓


DO IT! heheh that sounds fun! Are you just going for fun?


Yes. Want to check out the islands where the gulf meets the Sawannee River. Thanks for coming by.

Wow this is a good read indeed @kaylinart because many of us try to be politically correct either at work , in the community or with friends and family members and thus try not to be wrong. However people will respect you for being real, not all people but the real friends. Thanks for sharing this, upped.
In addition to my comment, and in support of your fight against spam here, I posted about the issue on my blog post. Feel free to check it out..wish you a blessed weekend.

We couldn't improve ourselves without allowing some mistakes


Actually without a LOT of mistakes. Unless one is a real genius, everybody make a lot of mistakes. And that's ok.

This is a great read! Thank you for adding the good vibes and sound wisdom to our feed.

Agree with everything you have written, couldn't have said it better.
Great post with a lovely message.
Upvoted :)

Mucho para reflexionar en tu post, @kaylinart


Thank you :)

Buckminster Fuller once said that as a species, we seem to have been designed to learn by trial and error. Perfectly natural I believe.
In music and other recorded art forms it would be a ridiculous proposition to be stuck with the first 'take' all the time, and never allowed to reshoot a scene or re-record an instrument or vocal.
Yet we don't allow for this in 'real' life. When did we begin allowing ourselves to be defined by others?
Great post! Well said!

Living life a little more never hurt anyone!

Good read. Cheers!


Exactly! It gives life extra excitement.

Its ok to be wrong and accept mistakes gracefully.

It sure is , because it takes a lot of pride to admit you're wrong sometimes , as simple as it sounds , it's the most complicated thing . Being wrong doesn't mean we don't know anything , but being wrong expands our knowledge for the future . Hey when I'm wrong I try to fight it , I'm sure a lot of us do

You hit it right on the head. Many hate to be wrong. So they spend alot of time trying to be perfect. Many times missing on a lot of fun and opportunities in fear of being wrong. Good read.

I couldn't agree with you more @kaylinart.

Many of the people who go through life "Never" being wrong, Are also the same people who don't go out and do new things very often. - this is so damn true! The smartest people I met in my life, who studied a lot and saved this interest even when their hair was already completely white always were the ones to easy accept that they can be wrong, while the "always right" persons were the ones to stuck in front of the TV screen. And it's really kind of sad...
Talking about emotional part of this - well, no one loves to mistake, but admitting the fact that you don't have to be right all the time makes life so much easier.

Not long ago i had a conversation with my 7 year old son, i criticize him about something and he got angry and sad for a second. Then i looked at him and said, son when someone tells you to do something better or tells you that you are wrong, then listen good to that person and see if he is correct.
Then when he is correct, then learn from your mistakes and you will never lose, because you gain the knowledge of your past mistake. That means you can never lose my son, and always win, its just the prices are sometimes different. He smiled and gave me a hug.

But with adults is a complete other ball game, because if someone never learns about the "flight and flee" system in there brain. Then most of the people will either flee ( ignore your statement or go away ) or fight ( and never accept there mistakes and will use non arguments to prove that they are right ). For that reason i do small test with people to see if they understand that, because i don't want to be a in situation with someone who don't understand it. Then you might as well go in a argument with a door or a wall.
And my son is just a kid, and he got the age to learn how to use it, then he can master it before he grows up. And that's the problem with many adults, they never learn that.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for such an excellent post @kaylinart.

I've made many mistakes, some of them really sucked...but I've learned alot from each of them. I'm getting more comfortable as I get older with the truth that they are stepping stones that are a beautiful part of the tapestry of life.

I know I wouldn't be who I am today if I were to alter any of my past experiences, and I really like me 😊. I'm actually really starting to love me 😍and that's pretty awesome👍🎉💪🙏🔥🔥🔥

Thank you again!

Upvoted and Resteemed with Respect and Gratitude.

♨ Steem On ♨

Keep your spirits .. Live what life is .. do not be afraid, we all support you.

Love your outlook on life! I'll be following for continued inspiration :)

I agree being wrong is part of the process that's how we learn and grow. We have to admit it and face it. Its impossible to be right all the time no one do. I beliebe the fear of beinf wrong is like fear of being real. We don't have to give a shit about how the others might think.

If you are wrong and you realize that you are wrong, you always learn!

You never have to be wrong if you stay in denial! :)

I think owning up to our mistakes and embarrassments earns us more respect because deep down, people are empathetic. They can relate to our situation. It does take courage to face your fears, but oh how liberating it is to not live with the guilt of what if or why didn't I? Great topic.

The one thing I learned (and took way to long to learn) is that I learn best from my mistakes. Usually have to do something once, then I see all the ways I can do it better and it just clicks.

So here is to being wrong! :-)

A mistake is just a new opprtunity.

I have been having such a rough day and this post was soo insightful and really helped me shift my mood a little bit. So thank you. This post had really good timing in my life

We all learn through trial and error. If only we could all teach our children that being wrong is not that terrible.
As a teacher I see so many students being afraid of making a mistake that they choose to remain silent in class. Such a shame when you don't feel free to express yourself.
Try-Fall-Try again-Beat them all! That's how we should think! :)

Agreed. It's normal to be wrong sometimes. I have no shame in admitting it. Just like when I shit my pants after drinking too many vodka smoothies in college....I was wrong. I made a bad decision..and now I know better. That's a crappy example (pun intended) but ya know what I mean. All the best.

I think if we were right all the time the world will be a very boring place with no learning or new experience.

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I have to agree... I respect and admire people more when they can own up to their mistakes. That means they can let their ego go. :) I like that you said it makes you more interesting. Such a positive way to look at things :)

BTW, I gave you a shoutout on my latest post, because you are awesome sauce.

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Yes it is good to admit it. You seem like a real person for doing it.

What is wrong in committing mistakes if we are learning from them everytime we are making them. Mistakes are the other name for the small corrections in my opinion.

This is great, I love this article. You are spot on, when more people start Living the world will be amazing. Never stop trying new things.