How To Stress Yourself Out MORE!

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Stress is an important part of being human, And like vegetables. We need the stress. The more stress you suffer from, The better! Stress lets everyone know that you have a difficult and full life. Or at least, Gives them the illusion that you do!
Which makes you more interesting to a person!

Ready To Get Stressed Out?

NEVER Excercise

Exercising can reduce your stress levels, Which we don't need that. So stop running, And throw away your exercise equipment. You won't be needing that.
By exercising less, The stress you feel will successfully build up, Leaving you a mess!

Eat Lots Of Junk Food

You only live once, Why would you want to take care of your body? Eating lots of unhealthy food, not only makes you feel like crap. But it can add to your daily dose of stress!

Eat pizza and Mcdonalds for breakfast, Lunch, and dinner! This will help you accomplish your goals in life.

Don't Sleep!

Who invented sleep anyways? You wake up feeling groggy. That is a sign of it being unhealthy. So try to avoid sleeping as much as possible. This will increase your daily stress! Stress is more natural than sleep. Do you think cavemen would sleep? I doubt it! They would have gotten eaten! But they were probably under a lot of stress, Which just shows how natural it is!

Don't Keep To do lists

In fact, Don't plan out anything, That way you will ALWAYS Be caught "off guard." This will cause a significant amount of stress as you scramble to get things done on time. Therefore accomplishing your goal of making yourself feel like crap!

Stress is something we should indulge in, Not run away from. Stress can boost your self-confidence because it makes you think you are doing something with your life When the reality might involve you overthinking, and being incredibly negative. Stress can make others think that you are doing stuff with your life too!

This Is A Joke! Do the opposite

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Actually stress is good for you to some extent, but the point is being able to control this. We get stressed a lot throughtout the day, stress by trafic, stress by family members or even stress when being late. If we are able to control it then it becomes healthy stress. If we kept fighting it, it becomes cronic stress. If we leave it controlling us and will submit to exustion we will feel down and tired after which is not good for us still. The point is to return back to homostasis and continue our day normally. Follow this and you will get away from harmfull stress forever :)


This is what caffeine does to people's bodies. It's not giving them energy, it's stressing out their bodies.

Actually one can learn a lot from stress. Once you start stressing out and dealing with anxiety you then start to appreciate how peace gives balance to your life and start to fully appreciate what you have.
Cheers and best of wishes from me.

The more stress you suffer from, The better!
Isn't it the right way to live your life?
dammit we all have done it wrong. i really enjoy the way how you point out issues of 21st societyi find myself stuck in the same situation...
its time to get out. but who gives you enough money to become that much self sufficient
to take yourself and your family, without being in a need to hunt the rabbit?

You should have left out the last sentence to see what silly responses you got!


I should of! But I keep getting too scared to be honest LOL

Very true , also a few minutes of meditation practice per day can help ease out stress, It's simple. Sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on reciting, a positive mantra and take a 5-minute break , focus on your breathing. Sit up straight, eyes closed, with a hand on your belly. Slowly inhale through your nose, feeling the breath start in your abdomen and work its way to the top of your head. By doing this daily for few minutes a day can ease out stress completely.


no stress is not good for many people, the author of the most might be right to some extent but many people end their lives due to stress and depression...

Its not just the stress, it leads to fatigue and a feeling of wasting away once you start doing this pretty often. This is from my personal experience.


So true!!! Stress really effects every aspect of your well being overtime.


But the same time it comes in handy in situations when you need to be under-pressure. So I guess its just a matter of perspective then :)

I see what you are trying to do... reverse psychology! It's genius!


Hehe Yes! I have fun writing these posts Muhahaha!


You are pure evil


SIMPSONS OMG XD ehehehhehehheehehheehe

Sleep and food is the biggest combo which can make me feel like god or like crap. I would suggest anyone try Interminent fasting, you basically eat in a 6 hour window. I found out that not having my body constantly process food makes me feel really great once i got used to it! Upvoted and followed! Alex.


Wow Nice tip! Thank you so much eheh :)

If managed properly, stress can be a strength to achieve success. Stress is not to be avoided, but it must be managed well.


I think I've heard that quote before! I love it! If you avoid stress completely, You'll never try anything new. But if you indulge too much in it, It can kill you. Scary stuff!


You are right. Thanks for submitting an interesting article.

Nice post, i will probably follow all your advice. Maybe i can begin by going each day on mac donald? then drinking 8 or 9 beers, then i can do nothing during the day, and repeat that each day. Im pretty sure it will pay and i will be happy with my body in fast time :)


WOW I bet you will! Funny comment hehehe. I bet you'll be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay stressed too haha.

Great post!! Now I know how to be stressed out more, thanks! Very interesting!


Haha first I thought, what a f*****g idiot. But then I saw that it was a joke :P


LOL thank you for being so honest! Your comment made me laugh. I probably do sound like an idiot when I write these posts hahaha!


It's all about using reverse psychology I supposed! Ask somebody not to do something and they won't do it. We as human beings are weird aren't we? :D



well done nice post, hope people will do opposite of what you wrote but, i doubt thats the beasuty of the world, everyone does whatever anyway :))))

Very helpful tips for healthy living. Eating healthy food and having enough sleep relieves us of stress. Stress can kill. Thanks @kaylinart for the insight


So true hehe

I eat a lot of junk food and never exercise because I am always on Steem!


OMG Sounds like me XD

now i want chips vwith gravy!

Nice post. I resteemed this. I will be glad if you will do so for any of my post someday.Thanks

I like that style :)) resteemed

I'll sleep when I'm DEAD!

Thanks for the article, but for the sake of my health, I'd rather live a stress free life

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great job keep it up i'm meditating everyday for 5 to 10 min and running a 3 km for stress relieve

This could maybe work as "reverse psychology". Well i have one acquaintance who usually likes to eat alot and now when doctor SAID to her that she needs to eat alot she doesnt. Its like quite crazy that, when u dont put the limits to yourself it can help sometimes, they dont become taboos atleast.

Lot's of people so used to be stressed all the time, they think it's a normal human condition, hope posts like this will make them realize​ the opposite, upvoted)

you guys might laugh, but i eat a ton of junk food. i never gain weight and i haven't fallen sick in 3 years!

great post, though. i love the twist at the end of it!

All true, the 4 things that you've highlighted can grind you down if down keep on top off.....
being a fitness instructor I no the tremendous benefits exercise can have on the body and mind, even a little a day can start to make a huge difference on your daily life and keep the stress levels down...

keep writing I'm loving your post and can relate to them alot

rod @livethedream0208

Ive seen a couple of these you've done. Cute. I've got it marked here to share later with someone not on Steemit. Thanks.

nice Post, im new here. could somebody follow my Storys @nelke2010

great post. following u & upvoted it. looking forward to ur next post. here i posted a sci post.. hope u'll upvote it thanks..

Being able to manage huge amounts of stress is the key to success that nobody wants to use:)

I find these posts a good test. If you are reading and agreeing with the text and then reach the bottom, it's time to make some changes in your life!!

So in short I want to tell you that stress is harmful to us by physical as well as mentally

Haha you have an interesting take.
And I do agree that if you don't stress it and don't set expectations you won't be disappointed.
In my professional career I found that I work good under stress and was always a plus

I am stressed out most of the time... unless I am painting. Upvoted

impressive posting
thank you~

Haha, a fun and interesting post. Thanks for this! :)

wow you're averaging about $1000 per day...

It was very helpful. Thank you. You should visit my profile sometime. I think you will like it.

I watch news, first thing in the morning when i wake up which keeps me stressed out for the whole day. Then I scroll through hundreds of mindless buzzfeed posts on my phone to add on to it. I also envy my neighbor with a big house, fast car n a pretty wife....😀

I think i just saw reverse engineering. :P

I never plan something. I live from day to day and I like it! I stress maybe one or two times a year. I don't even have agenda lol.

Yes! Madam. I've just burnt my bed and all the playgrounds in my neighbor hood. Before I broke my legs and bought a lot of Big Mac from Mc Donald. After I have done all of these tasks. I read your post again and I've just found that..."It's a joke" OMG. And now I'm full of stress. Can you upvote me a little for donating my artificial limb. 😭

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wHy YoU kEEp DoInG THis To Me ???

Oh, I know another one! Get bored! People can't handle boredom anymore!

<3 Thanks, I will try out. I need some stress in my life. Otherwise it would be too easy.

Wawoo! Smart you. I smarted up too.... New on steemit, help guys(follow and upvote). Thanks