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Decisions are hard, and We have so many options right in front of our faces, It can be incredibly difficult to select one or two then move forward with our lives. The sad thing is though, We often assume that making no decision delays the actual decision process, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is, The choice of not making a decision is also a decision whether we like it or not.

We Can't Manage Everything!

We live in a world full of incredible opportunities, The issue is. We can't seem to pursue everything. When we have a million decisions in front of us, It can be hard to act. Which is why it's incredibly important to make decisions based on your long term values.
When you know what you want out of life in the long run, You can structure all of your decisions that way. And it makes it easier to make those choices.

Simplify, Everything!

It's a big reason why I don't like to own lots of stuff; It's why I have a very set schedule in my planner. I try to run my whole life based on simplicity.

When things are simple decisions are easy. When we have excess clutter, Physically, Mentally Or I any other aspect of our lives, It's easier to get confused on how to make decisions.
We only can make so many decisions every day; We get burned out. This is a big reason why I wear the same color all the time And very similar outfits.
I wear a T-Shirt, A pair of basketball shorts, Crew socks, And I have designated shoes for the purpose for that day, All of my clothes are also one color, So everything matches everything else: Black

I have designated shoes for each purpose ( I own a pair of running shoes, "Day shoes," Work boots, and Hiking shoes, As well as flip-flops).
I do meal prep one time per week, That way I know what I'll be eating a whole week in advance. And I do my work in batches; I'll upload 500 designs instead of just 20.
Simplifying your life in this way, Allows you to focus on making more critical decisions. Giving yourself full brain power to do so.
You don't need to spend hours picking out an outfit Unless of course, you are some fashion designer.

They Don't Deserve Our Time

Many of our daily decisions genuinely aren't even worth our time, Yet we spend so much time on it. This is the benefit to our brains running on autopilot. We don't have to think, We do.
When you have more deliberate decisions in front of you, You can further increase this "Autopilot" by eliminating most choices that many people make each day.

Making lots of decisions, Is terrible. It can leave us overwhelmed and tired While making fewer decisions gives us more time to think about other things.

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If you have several options that seem equal, quickly pick one. That is the one your subconscious has seen as the superior choice. Besides, they are equal, so it really doesn't matter which one you choose.


Exactly! I love that.

Love this article. I often have a hard to making decisions... too many choices 😆


Right? It never ends heheh :)

We could make it simpler, before deciding to ask you the question How do I feel and who am I? Be clear about what you feel and that the decision you are making only corresponds to your well-being without harming anyone around you and that it does not correspond to answers already learned or models of socially accepted behavior.

Hello friend @ kaylinart that is to gain time and the time gained is money earned, lost time is money lost, so a good planning and discipline helps us put everything in its place, and if everything is in place we can get it quickly. Very intelligent your reasoning

Sometimes the indecision can be our greatest enemy because we think that we could benefit or that could not work, we ended up taking the decisions at random because we continue to have doubts and when we see that does not work we thought that I should have chosen Another alternative, probably best to be guided by instinct alone on certain occasions

health issues are lousy but do narrow your decision making for the day at hand. "what am i able to complete today?, what must wait for another?", as i prepare for next week. a challenging climb, step by step.

Very good article, life is not long very short so we have to choice our decision what will be good for us or bad.

@kaylinart That's so great, I like everything in those photos.
First photo is really hot.


Thank you! Pixabay has some wonderful photos hehe.

You are describing decision fatigue and attention scarcity. Two of the main problems. These problems can lead to anxiety, to indecision or paralysis by analysis. The only way to get around this is to find ways to augment your decision making capacity. This isn't always easy because maybe you don't have the money to pay people to make consistent high quality decisions for you or the relationships which can help you arrive at high quality decisions.

I think that decisions become tedious when they are allowed to pass a lot of time and several are put together to resolve them, if one is administered daily, the decisions are not usually difficult to make.
excellent post dear friend @kaylinart

@mukhtarilyas, simple life principle can save energy and complicated thinking @kaylinart. But sometimes the environmental factor that makes life is not simple.

Wow kota yang sangat indah,,, Terima kasih telah berbagi. @kaylinart
I like your post


Thank you :)

The first photo of all your posts is very attractive.

I think that to eliminate the indecision we must be very focused on what we want for our future, ie if we go with a fixed goal we should not doubt that decision

I think this ties in well with your post on multi tasking. It seems like everyone is so busy all the time but no one is getting anything done. Because there are so many choices all the time, fear of making the wrong choice keeps people from choosing. It's essentially choosing everything, and it just adds to the to-do list that can never get done, because it's too long!