😁😁Hike#25 Alexander Fork 😁 😁

in life •  6 months ago

Sadly my friend was feeling sick and wasn't able to come, But I decided to start this trail, I found an extension of a canyon I regularly hike. Half of it is closed off for some of the year, So I was able to go up further than usual and see more trees and plants!
This trail is supposed to be extremely difficult even though its only 4 miles long.

I found myself being a little out of shape and wasn't able to complete this, But other hikers claimed that this trail is known for black bear sightings! So I will be coming back here for sure.


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Looks like a great trail, where is this?

This trails seems to look like it's very sloppy. And when you have to climb upward on a trail then even 4 miles looks like 40. Hope you complete the trail soon and show us some pictures of Black beer.

Great nature impressions, thanks for sharing!

@kaylinart, Oh, sometimes when we plan for some exciting Exploration and at that moment if our friends miss it due to sickness, give that sad essence.

And with friends the Exploration becomes more fun and amazing and when we travel or hike with friends then in my opinion the essence of Fatigue fly away.

And i want to say that this place is so amazing and so breathtaking, and for sure reflecting as perfect place for the Hiking. And natural beauty always heal us.

And for sure nature is aspect of Art because, it holds different creations at one place, and in these pictures we can see diversified and beautiful trees which are giving the essence of true and natural Growth.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Wow! This is a very nice trail for a solitary walk. Only pure nature, no buildings or skyscrapers in sight! Fresh air and birds' song, with gentle breezes in one's face.
This reminds me of my walks in Scotland during my college days in England.
How I wish I could go back there one day!


Here on this road vegetation abounds, although your friend has not accompanied you, I hope you enjoy your walk.

Omg....Unfortunate to hear your friend feeling sick. Hope he'll being good healthy. That's fantastic location you hiking. Hiking is a difficult part of the adventure. But You doing much better. I'm glad to see naturalize images.

Very peaceful. Thanks for sharing! :-)