😁😁Hike#23 Lake Blanche: BREATHTAKING VIEWS! 😁 😁

in life •  5 months ago

This hike was really fun! But also very difficult. It was longer than expected which made me glad we started so early in the morning. It was a bit bizarre because as we headed higher into the mountains, we never saw people come down from the trail. We were often passed by random people.

There were cute little waterfalls and rivers, All the way up to the lake. When we got to the lake, we were exhausted and thirsty. We didn't bring enough water (again) so we then had to drink from the running water. I had my chlorine tablets and my Lifestraw that purifies the water. We went to a river above the lake, Which involved a longer duration hike. We went about 10 miles! The way down was much easier once we had something to drink. We didn't expect the water to taste so chemically from the tablets, Which made me wish we didn't use them at all. Sometimes I wonder with this kind of stuff, If it's better just to risk getting sick from bacteria opposed to drinking what tasted like pool water. We avoided standing water which should help, And we weren't equipped to boil water at that moment.

The way down as usual was pretty easy though, Which made me very grateful. This trail being 10 miles was not easy, But the downhill of the trail allowed us to run. Some fellow hikers behind us continued to try and keep up with us. it was like a race, A lot of fun!

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The view looked so spectacular I would have been tripping myself all over the place not paying attention to where i was stepping.....


LOL right? I Did that a few times. It's hard hiking and paying attention to your feet too lol.

Waterfalls, leaves, creeks, mountains. No commercialism or disruption from humans. Hmm. Must be God's country! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing a part of heaven with us.


Right? Hehhe It's my favorite place to be!

You taken most impressive photo captures still your hiking. Hike is a amazing and harder risk indeed adventure. But forget every tired conditions under tree shades and cool airs. If we can stay natural place included water falls, lakes and mountains and forests it would be great experience.

The longer the trail is , the more is the fun.The true enjoyment of Hiking is only achieved when you not exercise you body and mind but also get to see so many beautiful things by your way. Although not taking right amount of water can be dangerous during hikes and can even result in cramps.

You have some amazing hiking trails where you live.


We may not have the mountains but we do have the trails.

Hi @kaylinart i'm gonna use this image as wallpaper amazing shot, 10 miles is a little distance if you know you go to that place. Regards

@kaylinart, this great adventure, I also like the photography, keep up the spirit for you in everything, I'm impressed with this adventure.

Wow , stunning !! So beautiful and you are lucky to have access to such a place. Thanks @kaylinart for letting us live vicariously through you LOL :)

What a beautiful place, thank you for sharing your trip and showing us your excellent photos!

It's truly beautiful kaylinart. Where exactly is it? Do you always post to Imgur? I've never really seen it used. Glad you see you are still well! Best wishes ~ hansenator travel

That hike has everything it seems, waterfalls, a lake, a mountain. Good way to stay healthy that's for sure.😁

A beautiful view. Wish I were there to enjoy view as well.

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Wow... just stunning.

Your post is always breathtaking like the views you give.
Awesome job always.
Keep steeming.