Hike #11 Morning Waterfall Hike!

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This is a new trail that I haven't been on! We started really early in the morning around 5:00 A.m. And it was completely dark. I was a little creeped out going on the trail. At first it started outside a canyon, And eventually lead into one. Lots of boulders and a rocky area, It was gorgeous! There was a stream that we had to walk in a little bit to get through to the trail. We noticed rock climbing hook things, (not sure what they are called.)

It Was still dark when we started because it was so early!

I would be too scared to climb up those rocks! But I bet the view at the top would look incredible! This was one of my favorite hikes because of the variety of views we saw, But also sadly we weren't able to figure out where to go next. We eventually got to a dead end that seemed like we had to go up this really steep cliff to keep going. At that point we decided to turn back.

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hello dear @kaylinart

The pictures have been extraordinary,Thank you so much for sharing so beautiful pictures among all

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Waterfalls are the natural wonders of the world.Everyone will get sensations in body by listening to sounds of it. Really it s an enjoyable hike..thanks for sharing this great times.

Right? It's beautiful

Wow! I'm sure you guys had a great experience. The rocks look very scary and I can't get on them lol. Did you guys have a taste of the water flowing between the rocks? Please, which part of the is this place, @kaylinart?

Yes! I had a special straw that cleans the water, And we took a drink. It was delicious. I wouldn't go on the rocks either Too scary haha. I can't remember the trail name sadly.

The feeling is always great and different when drinking such water. No problem with the name, cheers!

That hike looked like fun!

There must be a lot of mountains where you live to be able to do all those hikes :P

Yes! I live in a bowl. Literally. Lol! Salt lake city, is surrounded by mountains.

Nice little mini travel journal! I would have been creeped out starting off in the dark too...Didn't you fear wolves, rattlers, bear, mountain lions?

My goodness. Glad you got back safely and didn't try scaling that rock face at the end.

Nice photography. Thanks for sharing all this!

Yes I did! Hehe I'm always scared I'm going to find something scary but so far I have only seen deer.

I'd be carrying/packing for sure...lol...Just in case.

There’s this deep eternal feeling you get when you spend time around nature
It’s unexplainable
I’m sure you had a wonderful time!

I love the nature , specially when there are calm and silence, it's the best place to relaxe and having a good time ,i think it was a great experience for you.
Thanks for sharing.

I figure this was a hell of a hike through the rocky plains. The persistence and attention you've given to this your number of hikes in 2018 is so good and commendable. I hope you go all the way with this pace.

Well done @kaylinart

Wow,,, its amazing situation,,, very natural place,,, i like this place so much,,,

Thank you :)

Beautiful place to go hiking @kaylinart.
I love hiking. Looks like there is still some snow on the ground.
Love the waterfall.
Made a post of my hiking to waterfall on the weekend but my pictures didn't really turn out as nice as yours of the waterfall, but the hike was awesome and adventurous.
Thanks for sharing @kaylinart

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