Help Yourself! Because No One Else Will!

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I'm amazed by how many people sit and do nothing when there are incredible opportunities in front of their faces.

No One Will Help You As Much As You

No one will ever be as committed to your life as you, And why should they? It's YOUR life, not theirs. If you aren't helping yourself grow and you aren't being committed then how can you expect your life to go well?

You Can't Rely on Others

Sure, We all need help, We all rely on other people. But we can't always rely on others. If we do, We'll be disappointed. People are going to make the best decision for themselves. And not you.

You Can Take Responsibility

I don't know why people hate taking responsibility for their own mistakes. It's the greatest feeling in the world to me, Knowing that when I messed up, I messed up because of something I DID. Not because of something someone else did.
When you are constantly helping yourself, and you are relying on others less, you can take more responsibility for your mistakes.
This will allow you to make critical improvements to yourself, Instead of standing by and hoping the person that messed up your life will change.

No One Wants To Invest In Someone Who Doesn't Help Themselves

If you had the opportunity to give 1 of 2 people some money, Would you be more likely to give it to the person who is going to use it to grow it, Whether they invest it, Start a business, etc.
Or someone who is going to take your money and throw it in the garbage can?

I bet the answer is pretty obvious.

People are more likely to help another person who is also willing to help themselves. Many of us see that person struggling, But who works hard, And we want to help them.
When you invest in yourself and try your best every day, People will help you. When you rely on yourself, More people will be there to give you that extra boost when you need it.

Some Opportunities Are Rare

Some of the most incredible opportunities don't come around very often. This is one of the reasons I'm trying to post as much as I possibly can. For those Steem Dollars, So I can then buy Steem with them.

When you take advantage of amazing opportunities, So much life-changing things can happen! Who knows when you'll get that amazing opportunity again. So Help yourself, Invest in yourself and focus on growing who you are. It adds up over time.



That’s a reality , we are born alone and we die alone everyone’s always busy with their life and sometimes people who say they are there for you , really aren’t

Exactly! Everyone is around for themselves at the end of the day.

Good read Kay. Even God does not help those who do not help themselves.

Nicely said.
The part about taking responsibility is the biggest part and a lesson I learned when I first moved out of my moms house.

Nothing more important than taking responsibility of you life, your actions and owning the consecuenses .

When we are kids ( and even as grown ups) it’s so much easier to blame things on anyone. Specially our pain. But if we are stuck in a situation we don’t like.. we will always have the power to remove ourselves from that situation.

Also, nobody will see the worth in us.. if we don’t see it ourselves.

There’s this quote from a book i like “ we accept the love we think we deserve “ and it is SO true.

Exactly! I love that. And yes kids can get away with it, But as an adult, you can only get away with it for so long.
I LOVE THAT quote! It's so true, I see others push people away who sometimes treat them better, If they feel they don't deserve that extra love.

YES! Oh gosh i love the way you think! ( that’s why I follow you obviously!)

This last thing you said about love... so true! People push others away because they don’t think they deserve being treated nicely.

They have been treated badly in the past and got it all wrong thinking that is what they deserve.. so when they get treated like that again.. they think its ok.. and they think it is love what they are receiving!.

Their self steem is broken. Luckily there are ways to fix it.

I myself for instance.. had a really hard time talking complements from others. I would just not believe them and say to myself Immediately after hearing their nice words “ they don’t mean it, they are just trying to be nice. They are doing it because it is polite to say nice things about others “.
It was insane how often i would do that to myself. You would not believe it! Lucky for me I’ve been on such a journey that has helped me a lot in seeing my self worth. And understanding that people don’t just say things.. no one is obligated to be nice... they choose to because they like you or appreciate you.. so they mean it when they are nice to you.

I sometimes self sabotage still, but.. it’s way better now.

Very strong point about other people being more willing to help the one who is working hard, rather than the one who is not. I see this a lot in life!. Great post!

So true Kaylin! I believe that we have to make things happen ourselves! Can’t sit around and wait for things to drop in front of you!! Must go out and get it! 💕

Exactly! And if you don't, No one else will.

And thanks for all the inspiration today :) I’ve been Steemimg away all day thanks to you girl!

No problem :) I'm so glad you spent all day on here! hehe! Definitely time well used.

and sometimes two heads is better than one. If things don't get right I always ask for others opinion and most likely it turns out ok...

Thanks for sharing. God bless!

Right? Thats a good one hhehe :)

that's why we have intuitions... gut feelings... and angels along with us :) hehehe

Indeed! I've recently decided to plan a party for my wounded 2 year old self to show her she's loved and special. Will be posting all about it. :) Nice post!!

I often see people give up when they do not see progress . But being motivated and staying to your word and making it happen is how it should be . Nothing comes easy in life

Right? That happens a lot sadly, Sometimes sticking around just a little longer can make a big difference.

Little things get bigger one day

Totally true. I worked for a charity, we showed what the members had put in and it attracted big institutional money. SHOW WILLING!....and be willing.

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

I have kept the same slacker job for a decade because of the benefits and the fact I can do school work. As I get closer to a career change, I am concentrated on getting to know people in my future department.

I sincerely feel that i made the best decision to follow you. Thank u for this.

Nice post..
I have very more information from you @kaulinart.
Thank you very much..
I hope you can writing every day for our.

like but God on our side always

Wow I am impressed by the accuracy of your article.
I am one of those who always put others first. I used to sacrifice some parts of my life and make concession to please someone els.
Why ? Because I feel so guilty by doing something only for me. But I know I am wrong.
People won't make those sacrificies for you, if they have to choose, their own happiness will always come first. And I have learned that by being several times hit in the face by this reality.
On the other hand, people who care for you will be happier to see that you take your own life in charge rather than giving everything to others.
It was a big lesson for me and I decided to leave France for Africa, for helping social entreprenors and building my own business. And you know what? I feel so happy !
However, the wrong habits are coming back soooo quickly. That's why I am very glad to read (very well written) articles reminding me that I am not a bad person if I am giving myslef a chance.
Thank you very much

Completely agree @kaylinart we cannot give what we lack for ourselves

@kaylinart sure i have had tht experience first had , no body cares about who you are or even whats you want , one ought to be strong enough to get it themselves.

Great post. I had a lot of problems in the past, regarding taking responsibility. Always playing the blame game. Fortunately I start to invest in myself and doing personal development. Now I am more productive than ever and it is great.

Very motivational. It's so easy to remain a victim and play Eeyore, but even those who have genuinely victimized do better if they get back up an move forward. It's the get back in the saddle thing. And all to often we're only victims of ourselves. The clock never slows...better to try 10 times and succeed once than quit trying. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

This has been nicely said

No one will ever be as committed to your life as you, And why should they? It's YOUR life, not theirs. If you aren't helping yourself grow and you aren't being committed then how can you expect your life to go well?

It is why I have in my room by Jim Rohn that says
The Major Key to Your Better Future is You.

It's fascinating to see people blame other people for their lack of progress.

If you show that you work hard for yourself,other people will gravitate towards you to lend you a hand.

Natural beautiful 😍😍😍

100 % Agreed "Push YourSelf Because, Noone else is going to do it for you.
No one is coming to save you this life is 100 % our responsibility. This world is like a examination hall and we came here for a limited period of time.The cause of our problems is not outside of us. We do not need to wait for anyone or anything to happen to change our lives.
Thanks for such a wonderful post sharing @kaylinart. Always i have learned new lessons of life from your quality work.

I fall in love with your blog :)

This is absolutely true. I never understand people who sit around waiting for someone else to help them, especially when they have the means to figure out how to help themselves.

People try to tell me I know how to do things but they don't, so they can't possibly pull themselves up like I do but that's just an excuse. Who taught me? Myself. I took it upon myself to study and learn. When they have the same opportunities to learn it makes me sad that they choose to feel sorry for themselves and just take life as it is rather than try to change circumstance.

But we can't make people do what they don't have the will to do. We can just try to support them until they choose to make a change for themselves. That's when people will truly be able to accomplish things and find success.

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Thanks for this, Kay! Needed the kick in the butt. Time to get back on the grind!

I agree with you! As soon as I knew about this website I jumped right in! I live in Venezuela where things are really harsh and having an opportunity to participate on a community like this is worth taking.

I think there will always be opportunities, the first step is to identify it. The second step is to act upon it. Maybe there are some people that are too lazy or too demotivated to do the later.

I love the way you do your motivational writings!! Good work

Good motivation
Well wrote
Thnx for the advice


Great post! And it's true, many people rely on others and I'm sure they would be even happier in life if they achieve their goals without help from others... makes you proud of yourself, when you look back and see what you've achieved! :)

This is so true! Every day people rely on others to fulfill their needs. And like you said, the only one who really cares enough is ourselves! Awesome read!

Amen to all of this.
I've been writing a similar series of posts called The Warriors Life, its a complete No BS self help guide, but very similar premise to what your saying here.
Help yourself because no one else is going to.

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

Owning up to everything that happens to you is important. It's easy to feel like a victim because it feels justified, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

When I think of the past missed opportunities I want to kick myself. I could have been rich. And married. And tons of other things.

@kaylinart "Help me, to Help you"

When I was younger so much younger than today, I never needed anyone's help in any way.

But now those days have gone I'm not so self-assured.

Very true ... some people will NEVER get it!

@kaylinart With another helpful set of advice that should be listened to.

In the end, we can only really rely on ourselves as people will constantly let you down. Helping yourself and those who show their positive intentions and help towards you creates a happy and fulfilling feelings of success and comfort.

Keep well and positive all, work hard, and be supportive of those showing they care for you and deserve it. <3

Appreciate that's real good to read it

No, exactly. (Or is saying that an oximoron?) Anyway, I used to delegate all my power to others. "Save me, save me." And I still wasn't healed. Now, although I am guided, I have found ways to regain that lost power to save myself. I am healing. That is the clear indication that we have the power to help ourselves, to heal, to save ourselves, without waiting for someone else to save us.

well i am agree with you because in this world special in this time people are avoiding to help others its a time where if you are able to help your self it ok . Other than that no one is able to help others maybe they do not want not help .

Still we have almost 10 % people who are having kind heart and they are liberal they want to help the hamanity @kaylinart

The truth about opportunities is that when they come people hardly see it, but only realises it is, when it is gone, you are a hardworker a smart one, a brilliant blogger, i couldnt agree more with you, the opportunty of SBD rise is one of the rarest.

Taking responsibility for some of my life choices was one of the hardest things i've done. Along with realizing that no one is going to always look out for you so start seizing as many opportunities as possible.

You have to take responsibility for yourself at some point.

I had to leave my home province to find work after I finished college. It was an extraordinarily difficult thing to do, especially with very little help.

I’ve lived here for 15 years now. I haven’t any regrets.

This post reminds me definitely need to look into other benefits haha I'm not very good about that! And I agree you can learn a lot from the people working with you!

So True. This is a great post. I am always working on being Self-Sufficient. It is the Corner stone of living off the grid. Being able to take risks is also key..... I am usually Risk-averse.

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