Happiness Is A Practice; It's Not Automatic!

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Some people are effortlessly happy, While others are always down. Why is it, that some of the happiest people, Maybe some of the poorest? Some of the most wealthy are some of the most miserable?

Happiness isn't an automatic thing; You have to train yourself to be happy. Everyone can spend all day beating themselves up and feeling negative; You are responsible for your happiness. No one else.

Practice Being Mindful

Being mindful means, Being present. Be here right now, don't focus on the future or the past. If you heavily focus on either one of those, Sometimes you can be dragged down.

Sometimes we forget to breathe and live in the moment. Feel the dirt beneath your feet. Feel the sunshine on your face. Look around you at the mountains, the grasses, The plants.

Sometimes we need to reflect on the past to improve our future; We also need to look at our future to make plans for success. But we shouldn't live in these areas forever.

Be Around Other Happy People

You are a sum of the people you spend the most time with! Make those people happy and active people, so they'll have a big impact on you.

Have Dreams

Living life with no direction can be stressful and confusing. When a huge decision comes up . you may make the wrong decision. Having dreams and long term goals, Can keep your happiness level up. Those big decisions that come up, You can make the correct decision, That will get you closer to your goals.


Happy people are often the most patient. They realize that they cannot have everything that they want immediately. Sometimes it takes a lot of waiting. When you are patient, you are more likely to get what you want. And it keeps your happiness level high because even though you don't have everything right now, you can wait for it.

Make Time For Yourself

Making time for yourself is incredibly important.
Many people are so full of obligations they don't take the time for themselves. Every day gives you at least 10 minutes, to read, write, Run, Bike ride. Just do what makes you happy. You will feel less "overwhelmed" and more calm, And happy.

Spend Money correctly

Many of us believe that owning big fancy items will make us happy. But will they?
Spending money on experiences gives you memories that you'll remember forever. Where as stuff, You tend to forget after a while, It collects dust; it clutters your life. Next time you want to spend money, Go on vacation or do something that involves a great experience.


This is some pretty interesting advice. Thanks for sharing! :D


If your happiness depends on what someone else does, you have a problem.....
(always loved this simple thought)

Unless you happiness was intact until someone else does somthing to change it .... Many unhappy people suffer this one lol
Run far run fast 😏

Does, says, or even thinks! A problem that can be solved though :)

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Thank you :)

wow! these are some very useful tips,
And, this got me

Sometimes it takes a lot of waiting. When you are patient, you are more likely to get what you want.

Patience is really one very important key to happiness, it brings near which is far :)

So true :) Thanks for your wonderful comment :)

Great Artice @kaylinart
For me, it comes down to Mind over Mood. It takes time to development this positive habit but it's something we can all do to be a little Happier in Life.

I agree completely hehe.

Live in the now- muster forgiveness- feel grateful- be of service to others. Although I have in no way mastered these practices- they are my goals. You can throw in some empathy, compassion and warrior soul in with that too : )

Having a system of meditation that focuses on the positive is so important. For me, these days, it's reading tarot cards and putting a positive spin on the story, no matter how scary the cards seem. Focusing on these upbeat things really helps.

Very nice all the blogs u have posted, I am following u... positive vibes is what we need to have a better world

Very spot on post! Being thankful and serving others is what I'm working on now.

Thank you so much :)

Great advice. I've always had to work to remain happy, but purposeful breathing has probably been the largest part of that. So many things just skate off my skin with just a few breaths at the right time.

I hope a lot of people read your post, i cannot agree more !

As a matter of fact it is hard work.

wonderful post :) have a happy day! ;)

Wonderful advice for life! Keep up the great work @kaylinart. I am really enjoying reading your work.

Happiness is the fruit of Love

You know how happy you feel when you wake up to feeling good. This is the first post am reading today and it comes fully packaged.

Most definitely vote and Resteem

That is some great advice! Thanks

Yes you are right! You are responsible for your happiness. No one else.

Beautiful post! Just what I needed now to motivate myself even more! Thank you @kaylinart! You write some neat stuff! :)

I reestemed your post cuz I want people to be happy.🌅

Great advice, might implement some of these into my life!

Thank you :)

Thanks for sharing, I always used to plan lots of things in the future, but know that I am trying to leave just in the moment I feel better.. I still program lots of things, but no way near as I used to!

I like to think of happiness or positivity as being like a muscle. Most people don't realize it needs to be worked out. If you really make it strong, you can stay positive no matter what happens. Practice is one way to make it strong, discovering certain truths is another.

Questioning self-limiting beliefs is also something you can try in order to build perspective which gives you more freedom to be happy. "If I don't get into this school, I am not going to get a good job", thoughts like this are very limiting. I want to write about this soon.

And if you have it, you cant resist it :)

Yes spending money correctly. I remember a friend somehow got the money to buy the car she wanted. She was actually crying to me saying, she thought having the car would make her happy. Well I guess it didn't make her happy. Since when did things make you happy? I could be happy looking at my flowering white sage. It is a place were different kinds of bees like coming to for nectar. Sometimes even the humming bird comes to my sage plant. How about even being happy washing the dishes by hand. Like you say, It is an experience. Even the experience of washing the dishes.

Thank you for your positive, inspiring post! We're grateful for your empowering words that remind us that happiness is an inside job. Looking forward to more of your articles.