Dragon Lights Festival (Day)

in #life2 years ago

In the Utah Fairgrounds we heard of a Dragon lights thing they were having and we just had to go! It was really cool. There were so many things to look at. I hope they come again next year! My friend is part Chinese so he really enjoys learning more about his families culture.
My favorites were the Pandas. They were so silly and cute!

I decided to break this into two parts showing day and nighttime views.
We got there really early. But wanted to see what everything looked like lit up. So we stayed until dark.

Untitled design.png


Those pandas look like something you would see in a horror game and you have to escape from them haha! Cute though, I love the jellyfish as well. Hehe :)

OH MY gosh XD I Didn't even think of that! XD so funny! I could totally picture them chasing you lol.

Save me Kaylin!!! ;)

What beautiful, fun images. It is like a fairyland! Did people make them themselves and bring them in? I wonder if the process is like making a kite.

The cultures of the world are so amazing, i love learning about new cultural festivals and its wonderful seeing this pics even though am not there

Right? I Want to learn more and more! They were awesome!

Wow...such a brilliant photo captures in dragon lights festival in Utah. Most of animals there indeed sea lifers. Actually if participate children for this moment they'll happy and enjoy better. They have lot of activities there. Parents also can be happy with see kid's fun tasks. Thanks to shared beautiful moment @kaylinart.

This is just too colour, I mean I love the one that looked Like sea horses, they looked so real and the dragon one just seems too funny to look at hahahaha.
Wow I'm guessing its human Inside all of them right?

That's so awesome. I've always wanted to go to one of these.

Soooo amazing! Thank you for sharing it @kaylinart! What a colorful festival. How I wish I could see them through my naked eyes.... Looking at them in your posts is great enough, how much more in live view... Thanks a lot.

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the images are really beautiful, congratulations for the beautiful catches, thank you very much for sharing these beautiful cultures and traditions
I wish you a great night dear friend / @ kaylinart

So Amazing and unique when the light festival be happen not only in the night but in the day. Creative Festival.
Thanks for sharing it. This is can be the inspiration for me to make something different like this. Heheh

Nice to be your friend.
Hope you always be happy.

Dragon lights are very beautiful

Right? I Loved them

Pretty cool is it still going on? I may head on over across town and check it out.

Absolutely amazing! I want to be there, too!

i looked at some pieces for a little while.
i am amazed! just wow!
i am trying to figure it out how they made those!

Wow! This looks so cool! Would love to see it in person some day!


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