Coffee Cup Painting (Original Art By Kaylin)

in life •  last year

I'm playing around with a variety of drawing styles to see if I can make better shirts. I made quite a few yesterday. This isn't my favorite. But I do like how he turned out!
Screenshot 2017-10-24 19.03.39.png


This was the basic pencil sketch I started with.
Screenshot 2017-10-24 18.36.36.png

Drawing The Cup

I outline it in black So I can easily color it later.
Screenshot 2017-10-24 18.47.23.png


Now to choose a cool Font to go with the mug
Screenshot 2017-10-24 18.59.53.png
Screenshot 2017-10-24 18.59.53.png
Screenshot 2017-10-24 19.03.39.png

The Shirt

He will also eventually be made into other products :)


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It's pretty cool, would like to see more of them and other stuff too. Great work!!! Keep it up 👌

Nicely done! You sure are creative with the t-shirt designs; I hope that business is going well for you.

Let's hear it for "Better Living Through Coffee!"


Right? Heheh :) It's doing pretty good :) It pays all my bills right now which is super nice! Thank you

@kaylinart enjoy visiting one of my favorite Ladies on STEEMIT to show support for her and her ART. Always a joy to see you doing one of your Passions....................

This was a wonderful tutorial! This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent.


Thank you for visiting :)

Awesome cup!!! Thanks to share the process too ^_^


Thank you hehe :) I love sharing the process

Very cool, going to make this into a shirt?

haha cute! eyes make him look a bit hyped on the coffee too!

Nice although I'm not a caffeine person, like the image though :)

great work :)

Good job! Thanks for sharing. =D


Thank you so much :)

This will be such a cute shirt!

Well, I should say that you have the talent. This one is nicely done and proven originality by showing it step by step. Creating art is a unique talent. Keep on! :)

It's cute! Hehe, but good that you are trying new ways and working on more designs. :)

Nice art, although I stopped drinking coffee years ago :)

Awesome cup!!! Thanks to share the process too ^_^

@kaylinart - Seriously cute mug! He has a great 'mug' and personality too :) You demonstrate regularly that creativity is so simple.
All the best for your business. I would so buy that T-Shirt but I am located in Africa/Asia - don't know how the online ordering and delivery would work. Any way - it is pleasure to see your designs.

very different one indeed!!!!

Cool stuff ... like it ...