9 Things I Learned From "Purple Cow" By Seth Godin

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This was such a great book! Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down.
You can get the book here

Marketing Has Changed

Back then it was more about satisfying peoples needs. People also had more free time to listen to your pitch about your product. These days products are geared more towards your wants. Rather than your needs. And No one is going to adapt your new product eagerly, So you need to be remarkable.

2. Find something easy to spread

Some products like adult products can be hard to spread around. You can't even do Facebook advertising on them; I realized this when I tried using Facebook advertising for my [Swear word coloring book](
Bizarre, but incredible products will spread much easier. People can share your product relatively easily these days. And it's best to target people with influence, Whether they have a large following or know a lot of people to get your product out there.

3. You Can't Make People Listen To you

But you can find people who will listen. That was a powerful thing I read in the book. We often try to make our advertising LOUDER and MORE EYE CATCHING. But a lot of the time we don't see results.

4. Avoid The Center

I knew that niches were important. But this book made me realize just how important. Targeting the center seems to have a lot of customers. But it's often better to niche down.

5. Dominate Your Niche

Make products of yours that compete with your other products. Dominate it, In every way possible.

6. Fitting In Is Failing

The whole education system teaches us how to fit in, But the reality is If we fit in. We are more likely to fail.
This is something I see every day In Utah. We have such a large " Mormon Presence." They have strict rules on their members ( I Used to be Mormon).
A lot of people in Utah, Act the same And do the same things. In the Mormon religion, it's important to "fit in." And as a result I've noticed many people I know who are Mormon, NOt getting the things they want in life Because they act and think just like everyone else.

It's important to be willing to stand out and be different.
To go against the grain and try new things.

7. We Mistakenly believe that criticism leads to failure

One of my favorite quotes in the book!
Being safe is riskier than taking risks. We can't always predict what will work and what won't. I have this issue with many of my shirts and books, Sometimes the weirdest looking designs sell the best, Or the ones I consider the "worst" become best sellers. While shirts that you think will sell well, Don't get the sales you want. You can't always predict it. It's random.

8. Follow The Leader

We see those marketing, Business "Opportunity" ads on Facebook all the time. The problem is, Every situation, Every person will often have a different result. And if everyone else is doing the same thing you are, You won't get the desired results. You have to do something weird, And different. To stick out from the group.

9. Measure!

Measuring is about admitting whats broken and figuring out how it can be fixed. Figure out what you can measure in your business life so you can make adjustments to fix things you may not be doing correctly. Recently I started doing this with my shirts, I have 2,000 uploaded, but I'm not getting the results that I want. I paid for a program that ended up letting me know that out of my 2,000 Shirts only 200 are selling on a regular basis. That was pretty scary news. But it opened my eyes that I may need to change how I'm doing things.


This was such a great book. But I'm going to avoid putting too much in this post about what I learned. Also my viewpoints and how I applied the information to my own life. Make sure you get the book
If this is something, you could use.

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Your smile looking so cute

Happy Sunday @kaylinart....I really like how you evaluate your business in order to tweak it for much better Future Results............

This is an incredible book, I am certain that, you put this post about what you realized ..

a debt of gratitude is in order for the data you give..

I absolutely agree with the seventh paragraph, though every time I think I should take the risk my brain resists soooo hard!:)
And what you said about T-shirts I would relate to art in general as well. I always am surprised that people love more the pictures I myself think are not that good. Paradox.

Thats Nice and keep it up.

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

Hallo @kaylinart, this is an interesting life story for me, I can take some guidelines here, thanks for sharing.

A quick reality check for success

you are every time nice post ..and great photography...,

nyce good best off luck

This is a great book, I am very sure that, you put this post about what you learned ..
thanks for the information you provide..

Wow, I really like the parts about not trying to "fit in" and doing weird things to stand out from the crowd. I think it's important for entrepreneurs to recognize that being unique is more brand strengthening than trying to do what every other person does. Uniqueness is leverage, it's what defines a brand and set it apart from competitors. Great piece you wrote, hope to read more like that and definitely getting myself a copy of Seth's book.

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Thanks for sharing this info on what you have learnt, I am surely coming back to read this all over till it sticks in my memory... It is indeed very useful

Audience targeting along with word of mouth and social media are some of the best ways to advertise and have been for some time now. You have to know who you want buying your products, who will spread word about it and where you are best to put your efforts to market it.

Great post, hopefully a lot of people find this helpful. :)

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