Top Useful Tech on Amazon Under 50$

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Let's be real, There is no shortage of Youtube videos showing off cool tech under 50$.
So what makes this list any different? First off, I am not running any sponsored products
and have no affiliation with any of the producers or suppliers. Rather than running what are
essentially ads for whichever company wants to pay the most, I have done the research and compiled
the following list to try and save you time. I compiled this list by first watching/reading through
every list I could find to identify the trends of what people are looking for in terms of tech.
Also, I decided to remove any decorative/ non useful tech since everyone has their own style, and who am I to
tell you what looks cool. I was able to narrow the trends down to the following 7 most commonly sought
after gadgets (not in any specific order);

1.) Wireless Earbuds
2.) Keyboard
3.) Drone
4.) Gaming Mouse
5.) Portable Bluetooth Speaker
6.) Microphone
7.) Power Bank

Given this list I then spent hours searching for the best possible option in each of these categories
under 50$ (CAD). If there is enough interest I may take the time to build similar lists for under 25$
and under 100$ in the future.

The following list is contains, in my opinion, the best possible bang for your buck
items on Amazon. So without further adieu:

Wireless Earbuds:

Aukey ep-b4

  • These headphones offer great sound quality with a low profile, clean design.


Redragon K552 KUMARA LED

  • True mechanical keyboard with back-light...what more could you want under 50$.



  • Portable quad-copter featuring a camera...not a great camera...but still pretty sweet.

Gaming Mouse:

Corsair Harpoon

  • Simple, non aggressive design with great gaming performance.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

Vtin 20W

  • This thing is loud! and also waterproof which is awesome... just don't try to take it scuba diving.


Neewer NW-800

  • Amazing audio quality for all you gold members out there.

Power Bank:

HooToo wireless travel router

  • This is the only item on the list I was willing to bend the 50$ budget for, but for good reason, the HooToo has a ton of amazing extra features. great for the avid travelers.

For any of you looking for a couple more awesome gadgets under 50$ here are some of my favorite
less common items that I came across while doing research.


  • We have all seen that slime that claims to clean keyboards, but this actually works! remove finger prints with ease (reusable)


  • For any of you DIYers out there, step up your game with this super handy kit!

I hope you found this post useful!

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Disagree? Think there is a better option under 50$? comment below!!!


-Kevin Manton


I LOVE my ifix it kit. That thing has come in clutch so many times when I need a odd bit or to open something.

They truly are a must have for any techie :)

Very interesting, and congratulations for the great job done..


Thanks dongbich!