It’s Official! – KaveMan Tech Opens For Business – How You Can Too

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Exciting news everyone!
KaveMan Tech has officially registered as a full blown business. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of the support! In particular, I would like to thank the community who have been incredibly helpful and engaging. The proceeds, from one post alone, have more than covered the cost of hosting our website and registering the business. I look forward to maintaining my presence on the platform, and followers will maintain early access to all of my content.

With respect to this news, our website, will be undergoing some major improvements over the following weeks including new pages, live chat, and an optional mailing list for anyone interested in keeping up to date with what we are up to here at KaveMan Tech.

Now in terms of actual content for this post, here is a simple guide that will hopefully show all of you how simple it really is to register a business.

Disclaimer: This information is specific to Sole Proprietorship in Ontario, Canada. If you are looking to register a business elsewhere, or if you have business partners the procedure will vary slightly.

Step 1: Come up with a business name.
That’s right, you don’t even need to know what your business plan is…you just need a name. So for any of you indecisive people out there, this gives you the opportunity to experiment with how you want your business to work without being locked into a specific niche.

Step 2: Find your wallet.
I’ll wait…

Step 3: Pray that you have 60$ left on your Mastercard / Visa

Step 4: Visit scroll down and click ‘Search, register or renew online now’.

Step 5: Follow the instructions on the page.
You will be asked for some basic information, the answer to most questions will be “no” for the majority of you still reading this. Don’t worry if you are not sure about questions like “Do you have or plan to hire employees/contractors?” just answer “no” for now, you can always change the answer in the future as you grow your business. You will also be asked to enter your business name and business type…If you are unsure what your business will end up doing, just be vague with an answer like “Online sales and consulting”, but again you are able to change this in the future if need be. This entire step should take less than 10 minutes total

Step 6: Pay the 60$
That’s it! You are now a business owner. Your Master Business Licence (MBL) will be mailed to the address you provided within a few days. Be sure to keep track of your business income, and be sure to put some of your profits aside for tax season.

I hope this article was helpful to any of you looking to start your own business.

Best of Luck, and I look forward to hearing your success stories!

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