You'll be surprised by these 5 benefits of eating rock salt

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Much salt food is harmful for health, but this salt can be extremely beneficial for you. Yes, according to Ayurveda, rock salt is extremely beneficial for health, hence it has been called the best salt. Salt experts say that most people in India eat salt made from sea, which is harmful to the body and poisoned. Sea salt is very dangerous in itself, but it is made to become poisonous by adding iodine salt. Iodine salts of good quality are rarely found. The best type of salt is the rock salt, which is the mountain salt.

Minerals found in rock salt serves to save us from many diseases, it produces salt digestive juices, so it also works to keep digestion neutral.

It is helpful in reducing the increased level of cholesterol, which also reduces the possibility of heart attack.

If you have the problem of stone, then mix rock salt and lemon with water and start drinking it in a few days.

It can also be used in rock salt blood disorder etc. The disease in which salt is considered to be eaten.

The use of rock salt for patients of asthma, diabetes and arthritis is very beneficial.

It is beneficial for bile destroyer and eyes.

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