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Almond has been known as a boon for health from the very beginning. When we soak it in water throughout the night and eat it in the morning, its benefits are doubled. Almond is really the emperor of dried fruits. It is said that there is an equivalent power of an egg in a kernel of almond. This completes the shortcomings of nutrients in the body. Regardless of the amount of almonds consumed, it is certain that the person gets the full benefit of samaya properties. It also helps in weight loss with increasing digestion and metabolism. This has come out in a research done by the International Journal of Obesity.

Almond is very hot thing and if you soak it without water and eat without it, then all its heat goes into your body. By eating more almonds with spices, constipation skin disease, face of nail foe on face, excessive sweating or other internal problems may be encountered.

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