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Citrus fruit fast day 1

in life •  10 months ago

I like fasting for a variety of reasons. My first experience fasting dates back to my teenage years when I understood my life revolves around meals and body image. It’s a vicious circle that I didn’t want to be following. Then five years ago, in Latvia, I met Tine, who was a medical student and shared a dorm room with me. We talked forever about exploring the boundaries of our bodies: whether or not you should sometimes overeat and sometimes stop eating, sometimes sleep too much and another time not at all. But these events should be exceptions from a very balanced whole. I never fasted longer than 4 days excluding intermittent fasts that I did for months. Each experience was different - some were more spiritual and psychological, when I realized how I can turn on and off different focal points in my life when I am not focused on food. Some were intellectual, when I experienced exceptional clarity of mind. All of them were interesting physically - sometimes I felt fantastic afterwards, sometimes completely drained and it allowed me to understand how my body manifests its needs. Now it’s a simple maintenance process to do every now and then.

I started a citrus fruit cleanse today. I will explain at the end of the experience why I chose this one. I felt generally good throughout the day, however the weather is changing and in the morning my head was spinning even before the fast. I made it though and now I’m ready for bed. Feeling slightly lethargic but it’s also because I haven’t been sleeping a lot lately. Two more days to go and some days of lighter diet as the transition period. Wish me luck!


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