Organic Lettuce cultivation on white sand

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Organic Lettuce cultivation on white sand

A process to cultivate lettuce on white sand

For this process we need white sand 1 kg, 500gm cow dung, 200 gm vermin compost or other compost, bone meal 20gm.i make the setup on roof on a plastic sheet ,for boundary I use wood and bricks we can also use your own setup.

The first step is to make a square of white sand of 2cm height .as in picture .Now in a container add 500 gm cow dung and 1lt of water and mix it well. See the pic

In this step you can add some compost/vermicompost and bone meal if you want .

Now with a spatula add the cow dung mixture on white sand base for 1cm height


Level it properly and sprinkle some vermin or compost on it. See the pic.

Cover the layer with white sand up to 2cm height like this

Repeat the process for at least 6 times .so that the 5 level of soil full with plant food .it will

help the plant root to get food.

When it finished it looks like

Now plant the lettuce seed in a row 1 to 1.5 inch one after another as per the space .I transfer my lettuce plant which were already germinated and 10 days aged.

I covered it with plastic to protect it from birds IMG_20180121_153632.jpg

After 20 days the plants look like .And no pesticides and chemical are used in this process.


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