We have had all the seasons within a couple of hours.🌞🌧❄🌞

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We have had all the seasons today, its rained then the sun popped out for a little while then it rained again with Thunder and a down pour of hailstones, i got up to take a video, noticed a few had thought the same as they were standing on the steps of the flats that are next to me. I didn't get my camera out quick enough so took a photo of the grassed area in my garden where you can see the while hailstones. You can also see a few hailstones on the decking


The temperature dropped drastically, even i was feeling the cold when i am usually having hot flushes. The 5th of June when we should be starting with out Summer instead we are inside with the heating on.

I went out when the sun came out to open my green house, i thought the sun would be out for a while until i saw black clouds travelling towards us, i closed the green hose straight away to hopefully save my seedlings, never thought i would lose my seedlings to frost in June.

No gardening today again, it seems this weather is going to be around for a couple of days then "supposedly" the heatwave is on its way. I don't believe a word the forecasters anymore, they haven't a clue. I received a parcel this morning that didn't help My Large box of Jiffy Seed Pods, the weather has spoilt my fun where i could have being using my seed pods to plant more seedlings.

Seed Pods.jpg

There is something good to happen with the bad weather it may stop silly people socialising and doing what there not supposed to. We are all supposed to still supposed to being careful as the virus is still around, a few people seem to think they are immune so meeting up with other people from different houses. Why can't people just do as there told for once, its essential for everyone's health.

Its now just after 7pm and guess what YES the rain has stopped its started to dry out and the sun keeps popping out. Typical North East Weather.

I am going to sit back and enjoy my bingo and not think about the garden or the weather. It will be a cup of coffee and piece of cake to help me relax, i am still being good with alcohol, I put myself on a years detox from alcohol after getting in such a mess after New Year, i don't usually drink a lot but still thought a year without it would do me good, I did have 1 can of fruit cider OOps on my birthday, i still think 1 can in 6 months is pretty good, i am aiming for the year or maybe Christmas 2020.

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