I have a few favourite fish out of hubby's Tropical Fish Tank. 🐠🐡

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My hubby has 2 beautiful fish tank but please don't tell him i said that or he will want another. His biggest tank is 3 1/2 ft, and holds 460 gallons of water his smaller one is 1 ft with 40 gallons. I don't show to much enthusiasm or he will take it the wrong way, believe me we have been here before.

I do have my favourites.



He has had this fish for a while, when he first bought it it was very small but with being put into the larger tank he is growing nicely. These sharks dont have any teeth but are super fast chasing any other fish that get in its way.



The fish in the top photo is 1 in his smaller tank, this fish is pretty small, once it grows it will go into the bigger tank with the one in the lower photo. I love watching the larger fish swim around the big tank as they are really graceful.



I call this fish the sun fish as its so bright. He can be a bit sensitive to other fish, he will go black if he's not happy, thankfully he's a bright orange so no problems as yet.

I also like his Frogs, these are tiny little frogs that don't grow. They stay under the water, he has 3 but we never get to see them as there always hiding.

Thank you @son-of-satire


How beautiful fishes. How is everything with you dear Karen?

Hi. Im OK, having up and down days but better than i was thank you.
How are you?

Life is always like that. With ups and downs! Always wishing you were well. It has been quite rough days. I have not had sales and the food has been a bit difficult to buy.. But always hoping that better days will come

Looks like Steem is rising a little, hope it continues as it will help you a lot :)

They are beauties for sure

Hahah, I can understand not showing to much interest in your hubbies fishtank. We aquarium owners always want more and bigger tanks.

I myself have 2, a 200L and a 125L.

I love redtailed sharks they are so nice and interesting to watch, Shame they can be a aggressive, make's it a little difficult to find the right tank mates.

This is my hubby's 2nd go with fish. We had 4 tanks at one time, 1 tank was Marine fish. He then got a tank made that was so big it took up loads of room, it had so much water in i had nightmares of the tank busting. Thankfully he got rid of it. I have let him have 2 this time round and putting my foot down LOL