I am spending sometime with hubby and his fish tanks. 🐟🐠🐡

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I am having a lazy day after my busy day yesterday. So for a change we are going to dive into hubby's fish tanks and see his new friends. We are going to be spending sometime having a look at his smaller fish tank.

Small tank.jpg

Hubby has been buying a few new friends to add to this tank, His newest buy is a Lemon Pink Eyed Bristle Nose Pleco. This little guy arrived via the post, hubby floated him for a little while then kept adding a little of the tank water into his bag so he wouldn't get a shock with the water change.

Lemon Pink Eyed Bristle Nose Pleco Arriving,

New Lemon Pink eyed Bristle Nose.jpg

He is quite small at the minute but can grow up to 4 in, he has other Plecs in this tank.

Small tank 1.jpg

Albino Corydora
Spot & Striped Corydora

With a Sucking Loach peeking out in the corner. These are all algae eaters and bottom feeders, these help keep the bottom clean.

We then have:

Small tank 2.jpg

Sucking Loach
Small Yoyo Loach
with a bigger Yoyo Loach on the bottom. The two Yoyo Loaches where bought at the same time both at the same size but only one has grown with fading his colour whilst the other has stayed small with full colour.

Hubby has always loved keeping fish, he started not long after we moved into this house back in 1989. There was a time when he had 3 tanks, he grew from Tropical to Marine fish, a very expensive hobby. He once had a salt water tank with Predators, 3 Moray eels 2 Snowflake, 1 Zebra & 1 Leopard Snake eel, 1 Leopard Grouper, 1 Nigra Trigger Fish & 1 Wrasse that the grouper liked to eat, hubby had to keep pulling the Wrasse out of the Groupers mouth.

His fish hobby ran for a few years, we were never out of fish shops, his hobby then changed. he is back to enjoying his fish. The isolation has been hard as he usually pops into the local pet shop to get his waters tested and maybe pick up more fish. His big tank has around 45 fish whilst his small tank has 15. He is finding the Plecs are mating in his small tank, a few are surviving so when they are larger he may move them to his larger tank.

Larger Tank

Large tank.jpg

It has been a nice change talking about something other than gardening Plus it gives hubby some attention, he now thinks i am interested. That will keep him happy for a while.


Does this tank interest Dog at all?

do you have a cat?

3 dogs no cats, we have a parrot but she stays in my daughter's bedroom. Mika & Luna sometimes look at it Geordie doesn't care lol

I should of brought some algae eaters when a had my tank would of helped to keep it clean for longer.